Laurel, Mississippi

Jones County

Population: 3193 in 1900

                    8463 in 1910

                    13,037 in 1920

Town incorporated:  3-11-1886

Post office: June 11, 1884 to present

Railroads: NO&NE-SOU-NS




GM&N Next Town North- Hoy

NO&NE Next Town North- Hawkes

NO&NE Milepost 56 (from Meridian)

G&SI Milepost 152.12 (from Gulfport)

GM&N Milepost 109.8 in 1905

(from Mobile)

NO&NE Next Town South- Walters

G&SI Next Town West- Flint

GM&N Next Town South- Tuckers

Google Earth map of Laurel based on Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps


1915 soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: Laurel was founded when the New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad was built in 1882-83. It started out as a small sawmill town that grew up around the mill of John Kamper. It wasn't until the 1890's, after the Kamper mill in Laurel was sold to Eastman, Gardiner & Co. and greatly expanded, that Laurel grew into a small city. Several other large sawmills were built in Laurel, as well. The Gulf & Ship Island Railroad bought Eastman, Gardiner & Co.'s logging railroad in 1899 and extended it to Saratoga to meet the main line the following year. The Mobile Jackson & Kansas City Railroad built through Laurel in 1902-03, later becoming the New Orleans, Mobile & Chicago RR and later Gulf Mobile & Northern RR. 



John Kamper

Kamper & Lewin Mfg.

Kingston Lumber Co.

Gilchrist-Fordney Co.

Eastman, Gardiner & Co.

Eastman-Gardiner Hardwood Co.

Pascagoula Hardwood Co.

Mengel Co.

Wausau Southern Lumber Co.

Marathon Lumber Co.

Lindsey Lumber Co.

Masonite Corp. 


No. 6915 on a northbound freight at Laurel, MS in October 1940.


Former GM&O freight house and office building January 2, 1980.

Southern excursion engine 722 passes the tower at the GM&O crossing in Laurel, MS on March 28, 1971.

GM&O freight station on February 2, 1980

Postcard view of MJ&KC depot at Laurel. 

1920's view of GM&N freight station and division offices. 

Circa 1940 view of GM&O yard. Passenger depot on left. 

Late 1950's aerial view of GM&O yard at Laurel looking south. Click picture for larger version. Note Interstate 59 under construction in distance. 

BUSINESSES (per R.G. Dun & Co.)- 

Bank of Laurel, 1900

?. A. Bishop, publisher 1900

K. F. Campbell & Co., dry goods 1900

Central Commerce Co., general store 1900

L. E. (Mrs. S. T.) Cross, bakery 1900

Abraham Dennis, general store 1900

Eastman Gardiner & Co., sawmill 1891-1937

Fisher Bros., grocery 1900

J. J. Harper, physician & drugs 1900 

Jas. E. Holt, general store 1900

Mrs. W. H. Jackson, ret. drugs 1900

John G. Jarvis, confections 1900

C. M. Kelly & Son, general store 1900

Kingston Lumber Co., sawmill 1900

T. M. Landrum, general store 1900

Laurel Cotton Mills, 1900

Laurel Hardwood Lumber Co., sawmill 1900

Laurel Oil & Fertilizer Co., 1900

J. F. & W. H. Long, confections 1900

R. W. Lyon, retail jewelry 1900

John McDuffie, hotel 1900

Henry D. McGehee, general store 1900

V. Martello, fruits 1900

Mississippi Drug Co., retail drugs 1900

O'Ferrell Mercantile Co., 1900

D. S. Pate Lumber Co. (HQ Chicago), sawmill 1900

E. N. Patton, general store 1900

The People's Bank 1900

James Richards, general store 1900

Mrs. Daisy E. Ross, grocery 1900

Mrs. Carrie Salk, general store 1900

Mrs. S. E. Scarbrough, retail grocery 1900

H. Taylor, general store 1900

Taylor & Stewart, grocery 1900

L. J. Temple (near), general store 1900

Travis & Abney, general store 1900

Wallace Drug Co., 1900

N. P. Welborne & Co., general store 1900

W. T. Wells, general store 1900






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