Kingston Lumber Co.

36" gauge, changed to standard gauge 1903


Mill Location: Laurel, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 50,000 ft/day in 1898

Years of Operation: 1894-1907

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 10 known

See also: Gilchrist-Fordney Co.




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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Kingston Lumber Company was incorporated at Laurel, Jones County, on April 6, 1894 by Adolphus M. Lewin, Francis Lampe and D. W. McNaughton with authorized capital stock of $100,000. On May 3, 1894, the company bought the sawmill, logging railroad and timber holdings of A. M. Lewin. The mill was located at Kingston, Jones County, a suburb on the north side of Laurel. Officers of the company were Justus Jungk, president; Francis Lampe, secretary and treasurer, and F. W. Pettibone, mill superintendent. The mill was shut down in July 1896 because of the depressed lumber market, but reopened in December 1897. It was a circular type with cutting capacity of 50,000 feet per day, as of 1898.

On June 3, 1907 the entire holdings were sold to the Gilchrist-Fordney Company.

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ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


200      3T Shay      Lima 1596      11-1905      32      3-12x12      120000

Purchased new. Sold to Gilchrist-Fordney Co. #200, Laurel, MS, on 6-3-07. Scrapped about 1937.


201      2T Shay      Lima 267      1-1890       28      3-10x10      56000

Purchased from Kettle Creek Coal Mining Co. #201, Bitumen, PA, in 1898. Sold to Gilchrist-Fordney Co. #201, Laurel, MS, on 6-3-07; to General Equipment Co., New York, NY; to White Water Lumber Co. #201, Autaugaville, AL, on 3-19-19; to Southern Machinery Co., Montgomery, AL.


?      2T Shay      Lima 183      8-1887      26      3-8x8      36000

Purchased from Gregory & Coe Lumber Co., Stanton, AL, in 1897 (36" Gauge). Changed to standard gauge. For sale 6-1903. Sold to Laurel Machine & Foundry Co., Laurel, MS; to George W. Howell & Co. #4, Montrose, MS; to Tallahoma Lumber Co., Montrose, MS, in 11-1921; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1942, Atlanta, GA; to Green Lumber Co., Avera, MS, on 7-12-24; to Pascagoula Hardwood Co., Laurel, MS. Scrapped about 1929.


202 (2nd)      2-8-0      Baldwin 7172      2-1884      50      20x24       104000

Purchased from Kilby Locomotive & Machine Works, Anniston, AL. In service by 5-1907. Built as New York, West Shore & Buffalo #148; to New York Central & Hudson River #2228; to Kilby Locomotive & Machine Works, Anniston, AL. Sold to Gilchrist-Fordney Co., Laurel, MS, on 6-3-07. Baldwin class 10-34 E 386


? No Data

Purchased from A. M. Lewin, Laurel, MS, on 5-3-94.





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