John Lindsey Lumber Co. (1913-1921)

Lindsey Lumber Co. (1921-1925)

36" gauge, 25 and 30-lb rail

Headquarters: Laurel, MS

Mill Location: Laurel, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1913-1925

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 3


1 Clyde skidder, 1 log loader, 13 log cars


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History by Gil Hoffman:

On September 24, 1913 John Lindsey bought a mill site in the northern part of Laurel from D. F. Denham. A bandmill cutting hardwoods was built on this site and operated under the name "John Lindsey Lumber Company." This organization was evidentally a partnership and was composed of John Lindsey, Earle Lindsey, John Lindsey, Jr., Robert Lindsey and Mrs. Carrie Winn Lindsey. These same people incorporated the Lindsey Lumber Company at Laurel on April 29, 1921 with authorized capital stock of $50,000. On May 14, 1921 John Lindsey transferred the mill site and timber to the new company and on May 26, 1921 the John Lindsey Lumber Company transferred the mill buildings and machinery together with the logging equipment to the Lindsey Lumber Company. John Lindsey, Jr. was manager.

About June 1925 the mill cut out and the following spring the plant was moved to Taylorsville, Smith County.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1      2T Shay      Lima 290      4-1890      26      2-7x12      28000

Purchased from Harvey Brothers, Mobile, AL (dealer), on 11-12-17. Built as Parker & Young #290, Keyser, NC (34" gauge wood rail); to J. E. Bowen, Norfolk VA (dealer); to Beatrice Lumber Mill, Pachuta, MS, in 1908; to Harvey Brothers, Mobile, AL. To Lindsey Lumber Co. #1, Laurel, MS, on 5-26-21. Sold for scrap about 1925.


2      2T Shay      Lima 1607      11-1905      22      2-6x10      23000

Purchased from Ruby Lumber Co., Wautubbee, MS Built as Pine Hill Lumber Co. #5, Wautubbee, MS (wood rail); to B. C. Lumber Co., Wautubbee, MS, on 4-23-10; to Bostick Brothers, Wautubbee, MS, in 11-1912; to Ruby Lumber Co., Wautubbee, MS, on 3-14-13. Traded to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1349, Atlanta, GA, on 8-24-18 as part payment on Shay #3; to Gulf Naval Stores (United Fruit Co.), New Orleans, LA, on 3-19-19.


3      2T Shay      Lima 1728      5-1906      26      3-8x8      43200

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1304, Atlanta, GA, on 8-24-18. Cost $4,500 with $900 allowed in trade on Shay #2. Built as Cooke-Day Lumber Co. #3, Tangipahoa, LA; to Day Lumber Co. #3, Tangipahoa, LA, on 6-27-06; to Louisiana Timber Co. #3, Red Lick, MS, in 1913; to Red Lick Lumber Co. #3, Red Lick, MS; to Wood-Russ Lumber Co. #1, Red Lick, MS, on 12-30-16; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1304. To Lindsey Lumber Co. #3, Laurel, MS, on 5-26-21. For sale 6-1925.





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