Bay Springs, Mississippi

Jasper County

Population: 75 in 1900

                    861 in 1920

                    836 in 1910

                    927 in 1930

                    1228 in 1940

Town incorporated:  3-10-1904

Post office: 4-12-1892 to present

Railroads: MJ&KC- NOM&C- GM&N- GM&O


Next Town North- Hamlet

Milepost 134.4 in 1905

Milepost 135.42 on valuation map

(from Mobile)

Next Town South- Gilford


1915 soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 

From "Jasper County News" December 20, 1928-

 ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF BAY SPRINGS. About the year of 1876, the citizens living scattered over this part of the county built a little school house on the hill just about where Hillman Hinton's house now stands. It was made out of pine logs split open in the middle. It was about 16x20 feet with chimney at one end and at the other end one of the logs was cut about half into and split out from end to end; this answered for the window and ventilation. The first school was taught by Mr. Chunk Cotton and the next by Mr. Joe Nicholson (now a member of the Mississippi conference). We, as children, ran down the hill about 75 or 100 yards, about where the Denson filling station now is, to get water. It was a rattan bottom or a ravine about 40 yards wide with little branch down through it and in this little branch there was a spring of boiling water, boiled up like it does when the ground is very wet and it came up through the hollow of an old Bull Bay Stump that had been broken off about fifteen inches high and we drank water out of that and called it Bayspring and the school was named Bayspring. The second house there was Mt. Nebo church, built out in the open pine woods in 1882, built by Jim Selby with some hired help. He dressed all the lumber by hand. Old Bro. William Thigpen preached there for a number of years, almost as long as he was able to go about and preach at all. Then later, Mr. Joe Blankinship, a good man of Lake Como, bought some land and timber and put up a sawmill and cotton gin. They moved the Ettahoma postoffice here and called it Baysprings, changed the name to springs through the post office department. Later on the railroad came and the little town began to build and it was Bay Springs. Bay Springs is composed mostly of a number of country people of the best type, come together here for business. Early Citizen.


Bay Springs Lumber Co.- 1910

J. F. Nobles- sawmill 1910

1930's view of stock pens and log ramps across from Bay Springs depot.   GM&N News Photo


GM&O depot at Bay Springs about 1970.





BUSINESSES (per R.G. Dun & Co.)- 

L. L. Denson, general store 1900






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