Tallahoma Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 56-lb rail


Mill Location: Montrose, MS (Jasper County)

Mill Capacity: 30,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1921-1927

Miles Operated: 9 miles

Locomotives Owned: 5 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:

In November 1921 the Tallahoma Lumber Company began operating the sawmill of George W. Howell & Company, at Montrose, Jasper County, as replacement for its mill at Mossville which had burned in June 1921. The property was purchased from the Union Trust Company, of St. Louis, Missouri, on April 17, 1922 for $97,832.05. This included the Montrose sawmill, logging railroad and equipment and timber in Jasper County. The Tallahoma Lumber Company was incorporated for 50 years at Montrose on December 15, 1921 by J. F. Bethea, J. W. Robbins, J. B. Hogue, all of Montrose, and E. T. Williams, of Laurel, with authorized capital stock of $50,000. The company planned to build a 30,000 feet daily cutting capacity mill on the site of George Howell's old mill at Montrose, to be in operation by March 1, 1922. J. W. Robins was the general manager and J. B. Hogue, the superintendent.


The mill cut out in early 1927. Afterward, J. B. Hogue began operating his own hardwood mill at Tuckers Crossing, in Jones County.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

?                  Class B                 Climax                                                                         66000


                    Purchased from George W. Howell #1, Montrose, MS, on 4-17-22.


?                  2T Shay           Lima                    183                    8-1887                    26                    3-8x8                    34000


Purchased from George W. Howell & Co. #4, Montrose, MS, on 4-17-22.

Built as Gregory & Coe Lumber Co., Stanton, Ala. (36-inch gauge); to Kingston Lumber Co., Laurel, MS, in 1897; to Laurel Machine & Foundry Co., Laurel, MS; to George W. Howell & Co. #4, Montrose, MS (standard gauge).

Sold to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1942, Atlanta, GA; to Green Lumber Co., Avera, MS, on 7-12-24; to Pascagoula Hardwood Co., Laurel, MS.


?                  2T Shay           Lima                    943                    10-1904            28                    3-10x10          66000


Purchased from George W. Howell & Co. #9, Montrose, MS, on 4-17-22.

Built as East Union Lumber & Manufacturing Co. #9, Hammond, LA (Hammond & Eastern Ry.); to Ship Island Lumber Co. #9, Sanford, MS; to George W. Howell & Co. #9, Montrose, MS, in 1919.

Sold to Jones County Hardwood Co., Tuckers Crossing, Miss., by 2-1926; to Wells Hardwood Co., Tuckers Crossing, MS, in 5-1926; to Stoddard & Cletts Equipment Co., Mobile, AL, in



?                  0-4-0                    Davenport             853                    1-1909                    44                    15x20                    60000


Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1898, Atlanta, GA, on 3-13-24.

Built as Kenfick, Quigley & Russell #  , Denver, CO; to Robert Russell #103, Belmont, NC; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1445; to Kreis & Mays, Contractors #1445, Knoxville, TN, on 7-17-19; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1898.

Reposssessed - to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2014; to G. L. Mays, Arkwright, AL, about 1925, converted to 2-4-0 "Spark Plug;" to Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. #594, Atlanta, GA; to J. W. McWilliams Co., Inc. #6, Fort Myers, FL, in 10-1928.


1                  2T Shay           Lima                    3081                    5-1920                    29                    3-10x12          84000

Purchased from Green Lumber Co. #1, Avera, MS, about 11-1924.

Built as J. P. Griffin Lumber Co. #1, Avera, MS; to Green Lumber Co. #1, Avera, MS, on


Sold to Eastman-Gardiner Hardwood Co. #1, Sandersville, MS, about 4-1927; to Pascagoula Hardwood Co. #1, Laurel, MS; to The Mengel Co. #1, Laurel, MS, on 11-29-35. Scrapped 1947.






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