September 13, 2017- Note new contact e-mail addresses for both of us: tonyhowe76@yahoo.com for Tony and davidsprice46@gmail.com for David. If you have tried to contact Tony in the last few months using the old bellsouth address, it probably didn't go through. 

August 9, 2017- added Google Earth maps for several states, as well as updates to several individual railroad maps on THIS PAGE

June 29, 2016- added pages for ICG, MidSouth Rail, and Gulf & Mississippi RR

April 22, 2015- added 1939 profiles to towns along Y&MV main line thanks to Robert Tomb.

March 17, 2015- added maps and info to town history pages for Red Top, Hillsdale, Orvisburg, Willman, Whites, Poplarville, Wilco, Nortac, Glade, Derby, Millard, Tyler, McNeill, Hawthorne, Carriere, Ozona, Richardson, Rosa, and Picayune

March 3, 2015- uploaded 140 GM&O and GM&N photos and created GM&N Photo Roster Page.

February 25, 2015- added photos to pages for Iuka, Burnsville, Paden, Tishomingo, and Golden.

September 11, 2014- added maps and updated pages for Arnold, Varnado, Breland, Eaton, Clyde, Reed, Epley, Coral, Bynum, Sumrall, Higgins, Draughn, Hercules, Worthy, Morris, Melba, Black Creek, Cantwell, Bassfield, Carson, Geneva, Southern, Prentiss, Whitesand, Lucas, Woolworth, Moreton, Carlos, Brookhaven, Zetus, Williams, and Cobbs.

March 16, 2014- added Google Earth maps of  Covington County, George County, Greene County, Grenada County, Hancock County, Harrison County, Hinds County, Holmes County, and Humphreys County.

November 18, 2013- added Google Earth maps of Choctaw, Claiborne, Clay, Coahoma, Copiah, Covington, Franklin, and George Counties.

November 11, 2013- added Google earth map of Clarke County HERE. Added photos and maps to DeSoto

November 5, 2013- added employee timetables to GM&O page

October 28, 2013- added page on Masonite Corp. ; added valuation maps to Sherwood, Fant, Ray, Reform, Williams, Ackerman, Tollison, and Irving

October 21, 2013-  added Google Earth map of Chickasaw County. Added ICC valuation maps to Chickasaw, Okolona, Egypt, Houlka, Thelma, Fitzpatrick, Houston, Anchor and Woodland.

October 13, 2013- added Google Earth maps of Attala, Benton and Bolivar Counties. Also added photos to Kosciusko page. 

October 8, 2013- added valuation maps to Ruslor Jct, Jobes, Alcorn, Rienzi, and Nabors

October 5, 2013- added Google Earth Maps of Alcorn Co. and Amite Co. railroads. 

September 17, 2013- added info, photos, and maps to pages for Natchez, Coles, Chamberlain, Gardner Spur, St. Catherine, Johnsville, Parker, Washington, Cranfield, Fenwick, Leesdale, Concord, Rawles, Foster, Selma, and Stanton. Also added Google Earth map of Adams County here

August 6, 2013- added 212 photos to pages for Aberdeen, Algoma, Artesia, Baldwyn, Bay Springs, Beaumont, Blue Mountain, Booneville, Brooksville, Buckatunna, Columbus, Corinth, Crawford, Decatur, Deemer, Egypt, Enterprise, Gibson, Guntown, Houlka, Houston, Jackson, Lauderdale, Laurel, Lena, Louisville, Lucedale, Macon, Mantee, Meridian, Montrose, Narkeeta, New Albany, Newton, Noxapater, Okolona, Ovett, Philadelphia, Pontotoc, Porterville, Prairie, Quitman, Richton, Rienzi, Ripley, Roberts, Saltillo, Scooba, Shannon, Shubuta, Shuqualak, Stallo, Starkville,       State Line, Tamola, Topton, Tuckers Crossing, Tupelo, Union, Verona, Wahalak, Waynesboro, West King Jct., West Point, Wheelers, and Winchester

July 31, 2013- added pages for logging railroads in Kemper Co., Noxubee Co., Chickasaw Co., Calhoun Co., Adams Co., Madison Co., Alcorn Co., and Bolivar Co.

July 29, 2013- added pages for logging railroads in Jasper Co., Smith Co., Simpson Co.Rankin Co., Neshoba Co., and Winston Co.

July 28, 2013- added employee timetables from collection of Joe Marascalco (thanks Joe!) to Y&MV and IC pages. Also added valuation maps from Richard Spencer (thanks, Richard!) to towns along IC Aberdeen Branch and IC mainline from N Canton to Elliott. Added pages for logging railroads in Clarke County , Lauderdale County, Newton County, and Scott County.

July 7, 2013- added several photos to H. Weston Lumber Co. page, and created page on Logtown.

March 29, 2013- added a new section on each town along the railroad here ; also added pages for logging railroads in Jones County

June 2, 2012- added pages for Bentley & Ward, Conner Brothers Lbr., J. L. Cooley & Co., Easterling Lumber, S. H. Hemphill & Son, Lumber-Mineral Co., Mason Lumber, McInnis & Logan Lumber, Mt. Olive Lumber, Okatoma Saw Mill Co., Pine Lumber, J. M. Russ Lumber, Ship Island Lumber, Tallahala Lumber, Williamsburg Lumber, and W. C. Wood Lumber Co.

May 31, 2012- added page for Kola Lumber Co.

May 30, 2012- made a few format changes to the site and added recent Google Earth maps here

July 19, 2011- added page for Pascagoula Hardwood Co. and The Mengel Co. and added newly-discovered photos to same.

June 30, 2011- added pages for Alabama-Mississippi Lbr., G. F. Butler, H. G. Butler, Central Lbr., E. A. Enochs, Monroe Lbr.Morgansfork Lbr., Boone & Sartin, East Union Mills, Hartman Lbr., Keystone Lbr. & Improvement, and Moreton & Helms Lbr. 

June 29, 2011- added new prints here. More updates to come soon!

October 11- added more pages for Marion County logging railroads and added pages for logging railroads to  Walthall Co. , Pike Co., and Amite Co. 

September 29- added new painting of Southern's "Tennessean" to the art section here.

September 26- added photos to MGS chapter NRHS page, also adding logging railroads for Marion Co.

September 10- added pages for logging railroads in Forrest County here and Lamar County here. Added maps to Batson & Hatten Lbr. and added photos to Homochitto Lbr. Co. page. Also added several J. Parker Lamb photos to the Illinois Central page. 

September 9- added maps to logging railroad pages in Pearl River, Greene, and Perry Counties. Added 80 photos to pages for D.C. Bacon & Co., Batson & Hatten Lbr. Co., Batson-McGehee Lbr., Bear Creek Mill, Bentley & Emery, Canal Lbr., WW Carre, Colmer-Green Lbr, LA Cowan Lbr., Cybur Lbr, Green Lbr, JP Griffin Lbr, JM Hemphill Lbr, Jordan River Lbr, Howze Lbr, KC Lbr, Leaf Lbr & Veneer, Leakesville Lbr, Major-Sowers Saw Mill, FB Merrill, Poplarville Lbr, Poplarville Saw Mill, ET Prentice, Richton Lbr, Rosa Lbr, Stover Lbr, and Virgin Pine Lbr.

September 8- added pages for Greene County logging railroads here and Perry County logging railroads here. Also added 45 J. Parker Lamb photos to the GM&O page here and 20 J. Parker Lamb photos to the L&N page here.

September 7- added page for Mississippi Great Southern Chapter NRHS, and pages for Pearl River County logging railroads here.

September 4- added map to Oakdale & Gulf; added pages for George County logging railroads here.

August 31- added photos to NU&R, Good Pine Lbr., Trout Cr. Lbr., and Tall Timber Lbr. Co.

August 30- adding pages for Natchez Urania & Ruston , Good Pine Lbr., Tall Timber Lbr. Co., and Trout Creek Lumber Co.

August 24- added timetables from 1920 official guide to Alabama Central, AF&G, A&LM, A&M, Ala. & NW, AT&N, Bham & SE, Christie & Eastern, DeKalb & Western, FC&G, G&SI, Kentwood & Eastern, KG&SW, L&NW, Lou & Pacific, Leesville Slagle & Eastern, Liberty-White, Mississippi Eastern, Mississippi & Western, NC&M, Neame Carson & Sou, NL&G, NON&N, Oakdale & Gulf, PRV, Red River & Gulf, Sumter & Choctaw, Alabama & Tombigbee, and Tremont & Gulf.

August 19- added photos to pages for Alabama Central, A&LM, AF&G, AT&N, Birmingham & SE, C&G, East Louisiana, FC&G, J. E. North Lbr., Kentwood & Eastern, Louisiana Midland, Mississippi Eastern, Mobile & Gulf, Mississippian, Mississippi Central, Mississippi Export, Neame Carson & Southern, North Louisiana & Gulf, NO&NE, New Orleans Natalbany & Natchez, Oak Grove & Georgetown, Pearl River Valley, Red River & Gulf, Salmen, Scotch Lbr., Tremont & Gulf, Tuskegee, Washington & Choctaw, and H. Weston Lbr. Co.

August 18- in the process of adding 277 photos to various pages. Also added new shortline pages to Alabama page.

August 17- added pages for Hancock County logging railroads here. Also added pages for Birmingham, Selma & Mobile, Carrollton Short Line, Gadsden & Attalla Union, Seaboard Ry of Ala., Talladega & Coosa ValleyTombigbee Valley, Terminal Ry Alabama State Docks, Tuskegee, Warrior River Terminal, and Washington & Choctaw Railroads. Also added pages for several Louisiana shortlines and logging railroads here.

August 8- added 3 new prints to the Hometown Mississippi Series of paintings here

July 28- added pages for several Alabama shortlines here. More to come and I will also be adding photos and maps to these later on.

July 27- added new paintings of L&N Long Beach depot here. Also added rosters to B&HS, B&PR, Batesville SW, BE Brister, Columbus & Greenville, DK&W, G&SI, GG&PG, GM&N, WC Albertson, J&E, M&BR, M&M, MSC, M&SV, Mississippi Export, MP&P, N&S, OH&CC, PRV, and Sanoody Valley.

July 22- completed pages for all logging railroads in Harrison Co. and Stone Co. Added photos to L. N. Dantzler Lbr., Bond Lbr., Ten Mile Lbr., Handsboro Lbr., H. Lienhard, and Native Lbr. pages.

July 21- added pages for logging railroads for each county here. Also added pages for Deemer Mfg. Co. and L. N. Dantzler Lbr. Co. and completed pages for various mills in Jackson County.

July 18- adding photos from J. Parker Lamb to B&HS, C&C, M&B, and Mississippian pages. More to come!

July 12- added photos to FC&G, C&C, L&N, IC, M&A, MSE, M&O, M&SV, SLSF, Southern and GM&O pages.

July 11- adding more than 125 photos from Dan Watson and Phil Kotheimer. Have completed C&G, B&HS

July 9- added new painting of IC Panama Limited to art section.

June 29- added photos to Eastman, Gardiner & Co. and Fernwood Lbr. Co.

June 24- added photos to MSE, Mississippian, MSC, M&SV, N&S, NC&M, OH&CC, PRV, P&LR, Southern Ry in Miss., Tatum Lbr., Y&MV, and Yazoo Delta

June 23- added photos to A&V, B&HS, Batesville SW, C&G, C&C, Champion Lbr.FC&G, Foster Creek Lbr & Mfg, G&SI, GM&O, IC, K&SE, L&N, M&A, and M&BR.

June 18- added maps to B&PR, Bogue Chitto, Liberty & SW, CA&N, Columbia Lumberton & Gulf, Champion Lbr., Clinton & Vicksburg, DK&W, Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa, Greenville Columbus & Birmingham, Georgia Pacific, Grand Gulf & Port Gibson, Hiwannee & Tombigbee, Jackson & Brandon Bridge, KCM&B, Mississippi & Alabama, Meridian & Bigbee River, Mississippi & Western, MB&N, Minter City Southern & Western, Mississippi & Tennessee, Mississippi Export, Natchez & Eastern, Natchez Columbia & Mobile, NJ&C, Oak Grove & Georgetown, Pearl & Leaf Rivers, Pearl River Valley, Sanoody Valley, Shubuta & SW, Shubuta Valley, Tatum Lbr., Turner Lbr., V&J, V&M, and Yazoo Delta.

June 17- added maps to Albertson Great Eastern, Barr-Holaday Lbr., Batesville SW, Boyle & Sunflower River, C&G, Canton & Carthage, Creek Lbr., CG&NW, Delta Southern, Eastabuchie Lbr., Eastman, Gardiner & Co., Foster Creek Lbr & Mfg, Gulf & Chicago, Helm & NW, Homochitto Lbr., P M Ikeler, Inda & Great Northern, Itta Bena & Belzoni, J&E, K&SE, Leland SW, M&C, M&M, Mississippian, Mississippi Southern, M&SV, R&CMV, Ripley RR, Sardis & Delta, SLSF, Southern Ry in MS, Sunflower & Eastern, Tallahatta Ry, and J. F. Wilder.

June 16- added photos to pages for A&V, B&PR, C&G, G&SI, L&N, NO&NE, SLSF, Southern, and Y&MV.

June 14- added 4 new paintings to the art pages here.

June 11- added pages for Vicksburg, Pensacola & Ship Island, Yazoo Delta, West Feliciana, Sunflower & Eastern, Minter City Southern & Western, Helm & Northwestern, Boyle & Sunflower River, Rosedale & Mississippi Central Valley, Pearl & Leaf Rivers, Mississippi Central, Natchez & Eastern, Meridian & Bigbee River, Meridian, Brookhaven & Natchez, Canton & Carthage, Oak Grove & Georgetown, Homochitto Lbr. Co., and Scranton & Pascagoula.

June 10- added pages for Shubuta & Southwestern, Shubuta Valley, Avalon & SE, Ellisville & Laurel, Grand Gulf & Port Gibson, Greenville Columbus & Birmingham, Itta Bena & Belzoni, Jackson & Eastern, Meridian & Memphis, Mississippi & Alabama, Mississippi Export, Mississippian, Mobile & NW, Moss Point & Pascagoula, Natchez Jackson & Columbus, Natchez & Southern, OH&CC, Pascagoula Northern, Ripley RR, Sanoody Valley, Delta Southern, Mississippi Gainesville & Tuscaloosa, and Tallahatta RR

June 7- added pages on Leland Southwestern, Mississippi & Skuna Valley, Mississippi & Western, Mississippi Southern, Creek Lumber Co., Barr-Holaday Lbr. Co., Champion Lbr., Natchez Columbia & Mobile, Pearl River Valley RR and revised page for Batesville Southwestern

June 6- added photos to VS&P and Y&MV pages.

June 5- added maps to A&V, G&SI, GM&N, GM&O, IC, L&N, M&O, NOGN, and Y&MV pages. Also added pages for Bogue Chitto, Liberty & SW, Bonhomie SW, Avera & Northeastern, Batesville SW, Albertson Great Eastern, Brookhaven & Pearl River, Columbia Lumberton & Gulf, Cybur Gulf & NW, Eastabuchie & Williamsburg Ry, Epps & NW, Haley-Rucker, Hiwannee & Tombigbee, Inda & Great Northern and Tatum Lumber Co

June 4- added photos to M&O, MJ&KC, LNO&T, NOGN, SLSF, SOU, and NOM&C pages.

June 3- Added 13 photos to A&V page, 28 photos to L&N page, 9 photos to G&SI page, 2 photos to NOM&C page, 1 photo to G&C page, 7 photos to GM&N page, 20 photos to GM&O page, and 2 photos to AGS page.

June 2- Added 40+ photos to the Illinois Central page.

May 28- Completed basic pages of each mainline railroad. 

May 27- added photos to Sardis & Delta, Liberty-White, and Robinson Land & Lumber pages. Also added railroads to mainlines and shortlines pages. Added many pages to mainline page. Photos and additional info to be added to them later.

May 26- Revised Liberty-White page, added histories of Mississippi Eastern Ry, Chickasawhay & Jackson RR, Robinson Land & Lbr. Co., Foster Creek Lumber & Mfg., Crosby Lbr. & Mfg., Sardis & Delta RR, and added alphabetical list of logging railroads.

May 24- Added histories of Fernwood Columbia & Gulf, Liberty-White, DeKalb & Western, and Alabama & Mississippi Railroads on the shortline page.

May 21- Website started!






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