Waterford Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 40-lb rail


Mill Location: West King Jct, MS (Wayne County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1911-?

Miles Operated: 15 miles

Locomotives Owned: 3 known

See also: J. W. Odom Lumber Co.




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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Waterford Lumber Company was incorporated at Boyce, Wayne County on March 23, 1911 by J. G. Gray, of Boyce; C. H. Poythress, of Meridian, and J. A. McCain, of Meridian, with authorized capital stock of $30,000. The property of the J. W. Odom Lumber Company, at Boyce, was purchased by J. A. McCain at foreclosure sale on February 14, 1911 and conveyed to the Waterford Lumber Company on May 12, 1911.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1      Class B      Climax 534      -1904      12x14      90000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1334, Atlanta, GA, on 12-10-1919. Cost $6,500 with $3,000 allowed in trade on two Shays. Original ownership unknown; to Joseph E. Bowen, Norfolk, VA (dealer); to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #807, Atlanta, GA; to West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. #6, Cass, W. Va., on 4-29-1912, renumb. #1; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1334. Sold to J. T. McKinnon, Beatrice Spur, MS, by 4-1924.


2      2T Shay      Lima 422      1-1893      26      3-9x8      46000

Purchased from J. W. Odom Lumber Co., Waynesboro, MS, on 5-12-1911. Built as Eastman, Gardiner & Co. #2, Laurel, MS, renumb. #52; to J. W. Odom Lumber Co., Waynesboro, MS. Traded to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1512, Atlanta, GA, on 12-10-1919 as partial payment on #1; to Thistlethwaite Lumber Co. #3, Washington, LA, on 1-15-1920, transferred to Opelousas, LA, on 8-25-1924.


3      2T Shay      Lima 1726      9-1906      28      3-8x12      56000

Purchased secondhand in 1913. Built as Kaupp Lumber Co. #2, Shubuta, MS; to West-King Lumber Co., Waynesboro, MS, by 8-1907. Traded to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1513, Atlanta, GA, on 12-10-1919 as partial payment on #1; to Nortac Manufacturing Co. #1, Nortac, MS, on 1-14-1920; to Batson-McGehee Co. #1, Millard, MS (rented from about 8-1924 to about 4-1-1925); to Gulf Pine Lumber Co. #1726, Poplarville, MS; to D. L. Fair Lumber Co. #1, Louisville, MS, in 8-1928, changed to 36-inch gauge; to Bissell-Alabama Lumber Co. #1, Castleberry, AL, about 4-1930, changed back to standard gauge.





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