Vancleave Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 56-lb rail

Headquarters: Moss Point

Mill Location: Vancleave, MS (Jackson County)

Mill Capacity: 150,000 ft/day in 1910

Years of Operation: 1903-1926

Miles Operated: 25 miles in 1925

Locomotives Owned: 7?

Also see: L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co.



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History by Gil Hoffman and Tony Howe:

The Vancleave Lumber Company was incorporated for 50 years at Moss Point, Jackson County, on July 1, 1903, by L. N. Dantzler, J. L. Dantzler, L. N. Dantzler, Jr., A. F. Dantzler and G. B. Dantzler with authorized capital stock of $50,000. The seat of operations was to be Vancleave. A band sawmill was built at Vancleave in 1903, which was the terminus of the L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. logging railroad since 1900. This mill was reportedly built to handle overflow logs that the mill at Moss Point couldn't handle. The mill at Vancleave only operated about 5 years. The railroad there continued to supply the Moss Point mill with logs until about 1926. Vancleave Lumber Co. was operated as a timber-holding and logging subsidiary during this time.

All the timber was cut out about October 1926 and the company officially dissolved in December 1931.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

1              2-6-0                   Grant                                                  10-1882                   43                    14x20                      62000    

Transferred from L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. #1, Moss Point, MS.

Built as Texas & St. Louis #52 "George W. Brown" (36-inch gauge); to St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas #52, in 2-1886, changed to standard gauge in 6-1887; to St. Louis Southwestern #52, in 6-1891; to L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. #1, on 7-11-1900.


2              Rod

Purchased secondhand. In service by 8-1-1902.


3              2-6-0                   LS&MS                                                                              56                    16x24                     

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #187, Atlanta, GA, on 10-15-03. Cost $3,100.

Built as Lake Shore & Michigan Southern #   ; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #187.


4              2-6-0                   Baldwin                                                                                                      16x24                      70000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #353, Atlanta, GA, on 2-3-06. Cost $3,250.

Built as Lake Shore & Michigan Southern #   ; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #353.


7              2T Heisler          Heisler                    1315                    -1915                       36                    15x12                      84000

Transferred from L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. #7, Moss Point, MS.


8              2T Shay             Lima                        1694                    5-1906                     32                    3-11x12                   90000

Purchased by L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. for Vancleave Lumber Co. from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1222, Birmingham, AL, on 2-24-19. Cost $7,750.

Built as Kilpatrick Brothers & Collins Contracting Co. #6, Council Bluffs, IA; to United States Equipment Co., Chicago, IL; to McArthur Brothers Co., Altapass, NC; to McIntyre & Swank, New Lexington, KY; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1222.


221          4-6-0                   Rhode Island        2362                    8-1890                     55                    18x24                      108000

Transferred from Ten Mile Lumber Co. #221, Ten Mile, MS.

Built as Macon Construction Co. #221, Macon, GA; to Macon & Birmingham #221, Macon, GA, on 5-25-1896; to Georgia Southern & Florida 1st #133, Macon, GA, on 11-3-1897; to Macon & Birmingham #221, Macon, GA; to Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. #234, Atlanta, GA; to Ten Mile Lumber Co. #221, on 1-7-1913.






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