Union, Mississippi

Newton County

Population: 608 in 1910

                    1012 in 1920

                    1703 in 1930

                    1543 in 1940

Town incorporated:  6-19-1905

Post office: 5-5-1837 to 9-5-1845

                    11-14-1845 to 6-10-1867

                    7-7-1869 to 11-16-1876

                    2-8-1877 to present

Railroads: MJ&KC- NOM&C- GM&N- GM&O



Next Town North- Neshoba


Milepost 179.3 in 1905

Milepost 180.8

Milepost  on valuation map

(from Mobile)

Next Town West- Cassel

Next Town South- Stratton

1916 soil survey map

1972 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 

INDUSTRY (per Dun & Bradstreet)-

GM&N 4-6-2 425 at Union about 1930. Union Compress on the right. GM&N News Photo


Train on the wye at Union 1930's. GM&N News Photo

Union depot in 1930's. GM&N News Photo


Three trains regularly met at Union in the 1930's as trains from Meridian, Mobile, and Jackson meet here. GM&N News Photo



Former GM&O depot in May 1979.

View looking south at Union in May 1979. 

BUSINESSES (per R.G. Dun & Co.)- 

J. B. Abney- farmer 1875

J. Harris Bond- grocer 1876

Harris Bonns, saloon 1873

John Bowler (near)- grocery 1874-75

S. D. Daniel- merchant 1876

N. J. Edwards, general store 1873-74

Daniel Gardner- mill 1876

T. T. Gardner- mill 1876

Hagan & Hunter- blacksmiths 1876

Charles Holland- general store 1876

F. O. Horne, ret. drugs & physician 1900

A. B. Hunter- farmer & general store 1874-75-76

W. D. Hunter- grocery 1874

J. J. Oden- saddler 1874-75-76

J. C. Potice- farmer & merchant 1874

Reagan & Pettey, general store 1900

Reagan & McMahon, mill & gin 1900

A. Reed- mill 1876

M. A. Stainfer- mill 1876

J. A. Thompson- drugs 1876

W. A. Warner- harness 1876

James Willis- mill 1876






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