Corrine, Mississippi

Corry, Mississippi

Savoy, Mississippi

Lauderdale County


Town incorporated:  no

Post office: 8-3-1900 to 3-15-1905

                    9-27-1909 to 5-15-1913

Railroads: NO&NE- SOU- NS


Next Town North- Arundel


NO&NE Milepost 8.2

(from Meridian)


Next Town South- Bullard

1927 valuation map revisions up to 1990

1910 soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: This location was first called Corrine after the daughter of Sid King, who donated land for the right-of-way of the NO&NE. The name was later shortened to Corry. W. L. Fewell built a sawmill here about 1900 and renamed the town to Savoy. The railroad had a passing siding and house track here at one time. 

Corrine was first listed in employee timetables in May 1884 with a 60-car siding. The name was changed to Corry in the 11-8-1896 timetable, and changed again to Savoy in the 8-2-1903 timetable, which showed the siding as being 68 cars long. It was extended to 80 cars in the 2-5-1905 timetable. The first Southern Railway employee timetable dated 3-4-1917 showed the siding as 73 cars long and a 15-car house track at Savoy. The siding was extended again to 90 cars in the 7-18-1943 timetable. 















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