Monticello, Mississippi

Lawrence County


Town incorporated:  2-5-1819

Post office: 5-13-1815 to present

Railroads: NOGN- GM&N- GM&O- ICG

Next Town North- Rosella


NOGN Milepost 131.33

(from New Orleans)


Next Town South- Syre


1912 soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 



BUSINESSES- (per R. G. Dun & Co.)-

John B. Arnold- general store 1873

M. F. Bloch- general store 1874

Blunt & Applewhite- general store 1876

Burckett & Cannon- general store 1876

R. O. Byrne- teacher 1873-74-75

Cannon & Armstrong- general store 1874-76

A Cohn- general store 1874-75-76

M. J. Ferguson- physician 1874-75

J. B. N. Fortenberry- farmer 1874-75

N. A. Garrett- farmer 1873-74-75

Wm. Garrett- general store 1875

S. Gwin- farmer 1873-74-75

E. T. Hudnall- physician 1873-74-75

Levy & Hickman- grocery & liquor 1876

L. Levy- dry goods & grocery 1873-74-75

S. D. Muse- dentist 1873-74-75

Ryley & Damper- general store 1876

B. & H. Simon- dry goods & grocery 1873-74

H. Simon- dry goods & grocery 1875-76

__ Sims- general store 1876

Charles Smith- shoemaker 1873-74-75

S. G. Terrell- general store 1874-75

George Teunnison- physician 1873-74-75

Wadell & Keegan- saloon 1873

Westenfield & Bloom- drugs & grocery 1873-74-75

S. Westerfield- grocery & drugs 1876











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