Dayton, Mississippi

Stephenson, Mississippi

Crosby, Mississippi

Amite and Wilkinson County

Population:   in 1900

                     in 1910

                     in 1920

                     in 1940

                     in 1950

                     in 1960

Town incorporated:  Stephenson- 6-18-1917

Post office:  Dayton- 12-23-1884 to 11-9-1916

                     Stephenson- 11-10-1916 to 1-5-1934

                     Crosby- 1-6-1934 to present

Railroads: NOBRV&M- LNO&T- Y&MV- IC- ICG


Next Town North-  Rosetta


Milepost 303.9

(from Memphis, TN)


Next Town South- Butler


soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 


Foster Creek Lumber & Manufacturing Co.- 1917-1934

Crosby Lumber & Manufacturing Co.- 1934-1963


The Y&MV depot built at Stephenson about 1921 is seen in this view looking southeast. 



The original depot at Stephenson was probably built about 1917 when the Foster Creek Lumber & Mfg. Co. sawmill was constructed. This depot was replaced by the much larger depot shown in other photos about 1921. This old depot was then moved across the street and used as a post office. 

A northbound Y&MV passenger train stops at Stephenson, MS in the 1920's.

A rare snow gas fallen at Stephenson. 

A southbound Y&MV passenger train stops at Stephenson in the 1920's. 

BUSINESSES (per R.G. Dun & Co.)- 






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