Corinth, Mississippi

Alcorn County

Population:  in 1900

                    in 1910

                   in 1920

Town incorporated:  3-12-1856

Post office: 11-16-1855 to present

Railroads: M&O- GM&O- ICG- Midsouth- KCS

                  M&C- SOU- NS

                  M&A- IC- ICG- NS- Redmont RR



M&O Next Town North- Ruslor Jct.

IC Next Town North- Rock

SOU Next Town East- Glens


M&O Milepost 328.85

(from Mobile, Ala.)

IC Milepost 1.5

(from Ruslor Jct.)

SOU Milepost 458.8

(from Bristol, TN)


M&O Next Town South- Jobes

IC Next Town Southeast- Ellington

SOU Next Town West- Wenasoga


soil survey map


1964 USGS topo map

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 



Illinois Central depot at Corinth about 1951. 

The northbound "City of Miami" at Corinth, Miss. on May 8, 1965.

This 1981 view looks south towards the site of the IC depot, which was located to the right of the mainline just beyond the boxcars in the old house track, which ran behind the depot. The siding on the left in the foreground is Rock siding. 

Illinois Central depot at Corinth soon after it was completed about 1908.

Another early view of the IC depot. 

Street side of the IC depot in March 1961. 

1950's view of the IC depot. 

IC depot in July 1970. 

Another view of IC depot in July 1970. The depot burned shortly after IC passenger service ended the next year. 

A southbound IC freight at Corinth on 9-16-1967. 

A northbound GM&O freight approaches the Union Station in Corinth, MS in 1954.

An Alco FA-1 at the compact engine facilities in Corinth in January 1962.

The joint Southern-M&O depot at Corinth, MS in 1916.

Corinth Union Station September 1960

Joint Southern-M&O freight house at Corinth in 1916








GM&O engine facilities at Corinth May 20, 1966





Looking south from near the depot in 1989.

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