Benoit, Mississippi

Bolivar County

Population:   in 1900

                     412 in 1910

                     443 in 1920

                     in 1940

                     in 1950

                     in 1960

Town incorporated:  2-19-1890

Post office:  11-18-1889 to present

Railroads:  LNO&T- Y&MV- IC- ICG-Great River RR


Next Town North- Dahomey


Milepost 129.9

(from Memphis, TN via Coahoma)


Next Town South- Hannah


soil survey map

1939 USGS topo map

1920 Y&MV track profile updated to 1939- Collection of Robert Tomb

HISTORY by Tony Howe: 










BUSINESSES (per R.G. Dun & Co.)- 

W. B. & T. F. Barry- general store 1910

Benoit Ginning Co.- 1910

Benoit Mercantile Co.- general store 1910

Frank Brocato- grocery & restaurant 1910

Mrs. A. B. Brown- hotel 1910

Ben Brownstein- meats 1910

Brownstein & Lehovitz- general store 1910

M. D. Buckels- general store 1910

W. W. Dubbey- drugs 1910

Harry Dettel- dry goods & b & s 1910

Joe Domino- grocery & fruit 1910

A. L. Gresham & Co.- general store 1910

Henry Hannah (near)- general store 1910

Jas. C. Jones & Co.- grocery & restaurant 1910

Wm. L. Key (near)- general store 1910

Key Land & Lumber Co. (near)- 1910

Leveck & Co.- general store 1910

J. W. Mason- general store 1910

J. R. Perkinston- general store 1910

Payne & Jackson- general store & livery 1910

Banks J. Powell- general store 1910

W. A. Spenks- general store 1910

H. Speckter (near)- general store 1910

Sam Vossel- general store 1910

West Virginia Timber Co.- 1910

White & Williams- general store 1910

W. L. Withers (near)- general store 1910






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