Taylor & Crate

Standard gauge, -lb rail

Headquarters: Buffalo, NY

Mill Location: Merigold, MS (Bolivar County) 


                         Hinchcliff, MS (Quitman Co.)

                         1907-at least 1917

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day in 1910

Miles Operated: 10 miles 1917

Locomotives Owned

Other Equipment:

Purchased Clyde Iron Works Ground Skidder #2163, shipped to Hiram, Miss. 1-9-1914.




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History by Gil Hoffman and Tony Howe:

Merigold Mill 

About 1899 Taylor & Crate, of Buffalo, New York, built a sawmill at Merigold, Bolivar County. In early 1904 this mill was shut down with the intention of building a new mill at Tudor, Mississippi.


Hinchcliff Mill

 By 1907, Taylor & Crate owned 10,865 acres of timberland located east and southeast of Hinchcliff, in Quitman County. A standard gauge (probably) railroad ran into this timber. Another 2560 acres of timber was owned west of Hiram, in northern Tallahatchie Co. A railroad was built off of the Y&MV into this timber in 1914.




















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:   

Merigold Mill:

(a)                     0-4-0T             Porter             2029                          8-1899                                       10x14            


                          Purchased new.

                          Sold to Wade-McHenry Lbr. Co., Duggers, Miss.(Tentative); to J.J. Jones Lbr. Co., Webb, Miss., about 1912.


Hinchcliff Mill:

4                        2T Heisler                          Heisler                          1281                        -1913                  30                          12x10                          52000


                          Purchased new.

                          Sold to George C. Ehemann & Co., Tallulah, LA.

Y&MV Rail lease dated Jan. 26, 1914, for railroad running 1 miles west from Hiram.





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