Sucarnochee Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 35-lb rail


Mill Location: Narkeeta, MS (Kemper County) 1921-25

                         Keysville, MS (Kemper Co.) 1926-30

Mill Capacity: 30,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1921-1930

Miles Operated: 9 miles

Locomotives Owned: 2

Other Equipment:

10 Kilby pattern No. 42 log cars in first-class condition, with toggle

chains, patent chain stakes, cars 40,000 capacity.

1 Lidgerwood double drum hoist rapid loader with swing boom, water tanks, etc.



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History by Gil Hoffman:

Narkeeta Mill

 The Sucarnochee Lumber Company was incorporated at Narkeeta, Kemper County, on March 5, 1921, by J. E. Tartt, of Meridian, W. I. Denton, of Meridian and H. C. Beelman, of Chicago, IL, with authorized capital stock of $100,000. On December 28, 1921, the company bought the timber and sawmill plants at Narkeeta and Akron, Kemper County, belonging to J. E. Tartt in return for $48,000 in capital stock in the Sucarnochee Lumber Company issued to Tartt. One locomotive was obtained with the mill at Akron. W. I. Denton was manager and M. Thompson was superintendent. The sawmill at Narkeeta, on the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, was of the circular type with a cutting capacity of 30,000 feet per day and included a planing mill. This mill cut out in late 1925 and was moved to Keysville, MS, in 1926.

Keysville Mill

 The Sucarnochee mill, which had cut out at Narkeeta in late 1925, was purchased in 1926 by J. D. Keys and moved to Keysville, Kemper County, three miles east of DeKalb on the DeKalb & Western Railroad. M. Thompson was general manager. The Keysville mill cut out in 1930.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

1                  2T Heisler      Heisler                    1289                    -1909                       33                    12x12                   64000

                                            Purchased from Emporia Manufacturing Co. #15, Emporia, VA., in early 1922.

           Transferred to Keysville, MS, in 1926, same road no.


3                  2T Shay         Lima                        2238                    10-1909                   26                 3-8x10                     56000

                                 Purchased from J. E. Tartt, Akron, MS, on 12-28-21.

Built as Three Forks Coal Mining Co. #3, Chaffie, WV (42 inch gauge); to Chaffie Coal Co. #3, Chaffie, WV, changed to standard gauge in 1913; to Pittsburgh     Equipment Co., Pittsburgh, PA; to J. E. Tartt, Akron, MS, about 8-1921.

Transferred to Keysville, MS, in 1926, same road no.






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