L. Smith & Son

42" gauge, wood rail


Mill Location: Orange, MS (Jasper County)

Mill Capacity

Years of Operation: 1906-1909

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 1 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

6                  2T Shay           Lima                    1700                    11-1906            22                    2-6x10                    28000


Purchased new. Built for wood or steel rail.

Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Bledsoe & Roy, Centreville, AL, on 8-13-09, repossessed by Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., in 11-1909; to Laurel River Logging Co., Greenville, TN, on 2-28-10, later at Stackhouse, NC; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1139, Atlanta, GA; to Flat Lick Coal Co., Barbourville, KY, on 10-12-18 (as standard gauge); to Sun Coal Co. #1, Barbourville, KY; to National Coal & Fuel Co., Flatlick, KY.






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