Simpson County Lumber Co. (1922-1924)

Stover Lumber Co. (1924-1925)

Standard gauge, 45-lb rail


Mill Location: Strengthford, MS (Wayne County)

Mill Capacity: 50,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1922-1925

Miles Operated: 10 miles

Locomotives Owned: 2 known


10 log cars


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History by Gil Hoffman:

On December 1, 1922 W. M. Prime, Jr., of Weathersby; R. E. Gulledge and G. W. Gulledge, of Mendenhall bought 2,100 acres of timber land in southwestern Wayne County at a Commissioners' sale. The price was $150,000. These same men then formed a partnership, known as the Simpson County Lumber Company, and built a single circular sawmill with cutting capacity of 50,000 feet per day in Wayne County, about 2 miles northwest of Strengthford. The mill began sawing about May 1922 and cut longleaf yellow pine, specializing in long, heavy timbers. W. M. Prime, the major partner, was the resident manager. A standard gauge railroad connected the mill with the Gulf, Mobile & Northern at Crotts, Jones County. On June 8, 1923 the mill was destroyed by fire, but was rebuilt.

On January 12, 1924 the sawmill plant and about 30,000,000 feet of timber were sold to the Stover Lumber Company, of Mobile, Alabama for $200,000. Officers of the Stover Lumber Company were John C. Haswell, of Dayton, Ohio, president, and Harry Stover, of Mobile, secretary and treasurer. The manager was J. W. Stone. The mill cut out about December 1925 and the Stover Lumber Company was dissolved in August 1931.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1      2T Shay      Lima 1965      8-1907      29      3-10x12      74000

Purchased from Kola Lumber Co., Kola, MS, about 1922. Built as John H. Keiser Lumber Co. #1, Eau Claire, WI; to Kola Lumber Co., Kola, MS, by 4-1920. To Stover Lumber Co. #1, on 1-12-24. Sold to Wells Hardwood Co. #4, Tuckers Crossing, MS, about 5-1926; to J. B. Hogue & Co. #4, Tuckers Crossing, MS, in 4-1927.


2      2-6-0      Vulcan 2521      2-1916      44      15x24      87000

Purchased from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1510, Birmingham, AL, on 1-11-24. Built as Helen Lumber Co. #2, Helen, FL; to Ray Lumber Co., Atmore, AL; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1510. To Stover Lumber Co. #2, on 1-12-24. Sold to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2069, Atlanta, GA; to Bay de Noquet Co., Nahma, MI, in 3-1928.





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