Scotch Lumber Co. (1896-present)

Alabama & Tombigbee Railroad (1898-1930)

Standard gauge

Headquarters: Fulton, AL

Mill Location: Fulton, AL (Clarke County)

Mill Capacity: 150,000 ft/day in 1907

Years of Operation: 1898-1930 (railroad)

Miles Operated: 22 miles in 1907

Locomotives Owned




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History by Tony Howe:

Scotch Lumber Co. bought a sawmill on the Southern Railway at Fulton, Alabama in 1896, and built a standard gauge logging railroad running east from the mill. This logging railroad was incorporated as the Alabama & Tombigbee Railroad on January 13, 1898. This line reached about 10 miles to the northeast ending near the town of Lower Peach Tree. About 1907, a new logging railroad was built west from Fulton, and the line running northeast was abandoned shortly thereafter. By the 1920's, Scotch Lumber and C. W. Zimmerman Mfg. Co. shared some common trackage in the hills around Tallahatta Springs, as each company's timber holdings were intertwined with the other's in that region. The mill at Fulton burned on August 13, 1930, and the logging railroad was shut down. When a new mill was finally rebuilt in 1935, it was logged by truck and the railroad equipment was scrapped or sold off. The mill continues to operate today.

Scotch Lumber No. 8 abandoned at the mill at Fulton.

Another view of Shay No. 8 at Fulton on May 9, 1948. The Shay was later sold to Twin Seam Mining Co. at Kellerman, Alabama and rebuilt and returned to service.














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