J. T. White (1897-1901)

J. T. White & Co. (1901-1906)

Sanborn Brothers (1906-1908)

Standard gauge 40-lb. rail


Mill Location: Moss Point, MS (Jackson County)

Mill Capacity: unk

Years of Operation: 1906-1908

Miles Operated: 10

Locomotives Owned: 2

See also: Robinson Land & Lumber Co.


24 flat cars, 1 McGiffert Loader and skidder


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History by Gil Hoffman:

On November 1, 1897, J. T. White leased the sawmill plant of John Craft near Moss Point, Jackson County. The lease was on a yearly basis with White paying Craft ¾ of a cent for each cubic foot of lumber sawn in the mill. This arrangement continued until April 26, 1901 when Craft sold the mill and log lake to J. T. White & Company for $4,250. J. T. White & Company was a partnership composed of J. T. White and J. A. Hatlestad. These same men then incorporated under that name and transferred the property to the corporation on November 2, 1901.

J. T. White & Company went bankrupt and their sawmill plant was sold at public auction to the Sanborn Brothers on November 6, 1906, for $28,000. Sanborn Brothers was composed of C. A. and H. W. Sanborn, of Mobile, Ala. Their one change to the mill was the installation of a standard gauge logging railroad. On November 30, 1906 Sanborn Brothers transferred the property to the Blodgett Company, Ltd., of Grand Rapids, Mich., but continued to operate under the name “Sanborn Brothers.” In November 1908, the railroad and logging equipment were offered for sale. The Blodgett Company finally sold the property to Ewan McLennan, of Hattiesburg, Miss., on May 23, 1910.


Notes by Tony Howe: In spite of searching courthouse records, I was unable to determine the location of Sanborn Brothers' logging railroad. No deeds for timber were found in Jackson, George, or Greene Counties. There is some evidence to suggest the logging railroad was actually near Rhodes, in northern Perry County and southern Jones County. 




















?              Class B               Climax                                                                                                                                         66000

Purchased secondhand.

For sale 11-1908.


?              4-4-0                   Manchester           899                      6-1881                     57                    17x24                      80000

Purchased from Blodgett Co., Ltd., Mobile, AL.

Built as Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio #52; to Texas & New Orleans #692, in 1885, renumb. #183 in 1901; to Blodgett Co., Ltd., Mobile, AL, on 1-26-1907.

For sale 11-1908.






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