Rose Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 35-lb rail

Headquarters: Mobile, AL

Mill Location: Merrill, MS (George County)

Mill Capacity: 85,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1902-1910

Miles Operated:  

Locomotives Owned: 1


10 log cars


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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Rose Lumber Company was incorporated in Alabama in early 1902 with domiclle at Merrill, Greene County, MS, with F. B. Merrill as president, E. Rose as vice president and general manager, and H. H. Lane as secretary and treasurer. On November 1, 1902, a mill site was leased on the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad in the town of Merrill from the Merrill Land & Improvement Company for a period of 10 years. An 85,000 feet daily capacity circular sawmill was built on this site. The company's timber was located north of the mill. 

The company went bankrupt and its assets were sold at public auction in Mobile, Alabama, on March 1, 1910, to F. B. Merrill, of Mobile, who resold the property to the newly formed F. B. Merrill Company.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership






No Data














Watkins Foundry & Machine Co., Hattiesburg, MS (dealer).

Rose Lumber Co. #1, on 7/12/1905.


F. B. Merrill, Mobile, Ala., on 3/1/1910.






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