D. A. Watson Lumber Co. (1902-1906)

Rees Lumber Co. (1906-1908)

36" gauge, wood rail, converted to 30 & 35-lb rail in 1907

Headquarters: Meridian, MS

Mill Location: Carriere, MS (Pearl River County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1902-1908

Miles Operated: 2 miles

Locomotives Owned: 1




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History by Gil Hoffman:

The D. A. Watson Lumber Company was a limited partnership composed of D. A. Watson, of McNeill, and C. W. Robinson, of Meridian. It was formed on June 3, 1902, with a lifetime of ten years. Watson contributed the sawmill and logging equipment, and Robinson contributed 987 acres of timber. The mill was located about two miles northwest of Carriere, Hancock County, and was connected with the New Orleans & Northeastern by a wood rail tram road. It also had a dry kiln. 

The entire operation was sold to the Rees Lumber Company, of Purvis, Lamar County, on March 26, 1906 for $10,000. The Rees Lumber Company was a partnership composed of Sam E. Rees and his wife, Minnie L. Rees. On January 9, 1908 Rees resold the mill and timber (minus the logging railroad and equipment) to D. A. Watson for $3.856.75. The rails were removed by Rees and sold.

 Rees also operated another mill located six miles northwest of Purvis, near Pine Grove Church, on land belonging to N. T. Pittman. This mill was sold to G. W. Jordan & Company on August 17, 1907. Apparently it did not have a logging railroad.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership






Class A?















D. A. Watson Lumber Co., by 6/1902.


Rees Lumber Co., on 3/26/1906.

For sale 2/1907.






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