Ocean Springs Lumber Co. (1891-1893)

Gulf Lumber Co. (1893-1895)

36" gauge, wood rail

Headquarters: Ocean Springs, MS

Mill Location: Ocean Springs, MS (Jackson County)

Mill Capacity: unk

Years of Operation: 1891-1895

Miles Operated: unk

Locomotives Owned: 1


1 locomotive and 5 log cars


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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Ocean Springs Lumber Company was composed of Parker Earle, M. E. Ansley, A. A. Ulman, F. S. Earle and J. T. Casey. Parker Earle was president and M. E. Ansley, secretary. In October 189,1 Parker Earle and M. E. Ansley purchased a mill site directly north of Ocean Springs from F. M. Weed. This site bordered the north side of the Louisville & Nashville tracks and extended northward to Fort Bayou. On this site a sawmill plant was built which was in operation by August 1892. To log the mill, a wood rail tramroad was constructed which used rolling stock purchased by Parker Earle & Sons.

On May 8, 1893, the sawmill plant and tramroad were sold to Edward Browne, W. R. Sutherland and Robert L. Chapin for $24,000. The deal involved $2,500 cash, assumption of a note for $5,000 due on August 7, 1893, and the remainder to be paid in one year. To operate the property, the Gulf Lumber Company was incorporated at Ocean Springs on July 12, 1893 by these same men plus John W. Murray and Parker Earle with authorized capital stock of $100,000. W. R. Sutherland was president; Parker Earle, vice president; Edward Browne, secretary; Robert L. Chapin, treasurer, and John W. Murray, superintendent. On January 12, 1894, Browne et al. sold the Ocean Springs Lumber Company property to the Gulf Lumber Company for $50,000. This deal involved a mortgage for $12,500 on the sawmill plant to the Globe National Bank, in Chicago, Ill.

Suit was brought against the company in Jackson County Chancery Court which resulted in the property being sold on August 22, 1895, to John B. Lyon and E. J. Morris. On October 24, 1895, W. T. Hieronymous, of Mobile, Ala., was brought into the operation as an equal partner.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

434          2T Shay             Lima                        434                      4-1893                     26                    2-7x12                     28500

Purchased new by Parker Earle & Sons.

To Gulf Lumber Co., on 1-12-1894.

Returned to Lima Locomotive & Machine Co.; shipped to S. J. Warren #3, Brinson, GA, on 3-18-1896; to

D. L. Lumber Co., Saffold, GA; to Georgia Lumber & Shingle Co., Thomasville, GA.






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