North Mississippi Lumber Co.

Standard gauge

Headquarters: Memphis, TN

Mill Location: Corinth, MS (Alcorn County)

Mill Capacity: 100,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1908-1910

Miles Operated: 8 miles

Locomotives Owned: 1 known

Other Equipment:

Purchased Clyde Iron Works Decker Loader #1144 on 6-29-1908; sold to Central Lbr. Co., Brookhaven, Miss.




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History by Gil Hoffman and Tony Howe:

In the fall of 1907 the North Mississippi Lumber Company built a sawmill with a cutting capacity of 100,000 feet per day at Corinth, Alcorn County. The mill was equipped with a resaw and included a planing mill, finishing mill and dry kilns. The company was said to control about 200,000,000 feet of timber near Corinth.

 On September 5, 1910 the company filed voluntary bankruptcy in Federal Court at Aberdeen, Miss.

 The machinery in the mill was sold to the Pocahontas Lumber Company and removed. In early 1914 the Hubert F. Young Lumber Company took a long term lease on the North Mississippi company's plant at Corinth and installed new machinery. The refurbished plant was intended to do a wholesale lumber and milling-in-transit business.

 The company's logging railroad was located in Tishomingo County, and logs were delivered to the mill in Corinth over the Illinois Central RR.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

1      2T Shay        Lima        2115                10-1908        29                3-10x12        84000


                Purchased new.

Sold to Hall & Legan Lumber Co. #1, Morton, MS, in 1910; to Adams-Banks Lumber Co. #1, Morton, MS, on 2-18-22; to         Copiah Gravel Co. #1, Crystal Springs, MS, in 7-1929; to Gatesville Gravel Co. #1, Gatesville, MS.







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