J. E. North Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 56-lb rail


Mill Location: Bond, MS (Stone County, was part of Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 60,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1899-1910

Miles Operated: 12 miles in 1910

Locomotives Owned: 4?

Also see: Bond Lumber Co.




4 locomotives, 63 cars, 1 American log loader in 1910


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History by Gil Hoffman:

The J. E. North Lumber Company was incorporated at Bond, Harrison County, on March 9, 1899, by J. E. North, Richard Fahey and S. D. Thayer with authorized capital stock of $25,000 with option to increase the stock to $50,000. By September 1900, the company had in operation a 60,000 foot capacity longleaf yellow pine mill, on the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad, at Bond. This mill cut mostly for export. In 1900 the officers were J. E. North, president; R. Fahey, vice president, and S. D. Thayer, secretary and treasurer as well as general manager. A new double bandmill was placed in operation in the fall of 1903. At that time six miles of logging railroad were in operation.

During the financial panic of 1907 the company went into receivership. The co-receivers appointed were the Hibernia Bank & Trust Company, of New Orleans, and J. R. Pratt, of Gulfport. On June 27, 1910, the plant and other property were sold at the Gulfport Courthouse to the newly-formed Bond Lumber Company.



A rare view of J. E. North Lumber Co. Hinkley 2-6-0 No. 70.















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman :

50?          No data                                                                                                                                                                 

Purchased secondhand in 11-1899. Named S. D. Thayer.


60?          0-6-0                                                                                                                                       18x22                     

Purchased from Hicks Locomotive & Car Works, Chicago, IL in 1904.


70            2-6-0                   Hinkley                  1317                    2-1879                     57                    18x24                      90600

Purchased from Terre Haute & Indianapolis A in 4-1904.

Built as Terre Haute & Indianapolis #10, renumb. A in 12-1903.


Note: the company owned at least one additional locomotive by 1910.





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