Monarch Lumber Co. (1906-1909)

Beaver Dam Lumber Co. (1909-1915)

Standard gauge, 30-lb rail

Headquarters: Hattiesburg (Monarch Lbr)

                         Richton (Beaver Dam Lbr)

Mill Location: Monarch (Earl), MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1906-1915

Miles Operated: 5 miles

Locomotives Owned: 2 

See also: Monarch Lumber Co (2nd)


8 log cars


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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Monarch Lumber Company was incorporated at Hattiesburg, Perry County, on April 16, 1906 by B. D. Moore, W. W. Beatty and others with authorized capital stock of $40,000. B. D. Moore was president and H. F. Hagerty, secretary and treasurer. On January 15, 1906 Moore and Beatty bought 760 acres of timber, including a mill site, at Monarch, about three miles northwest of Ovett. A sawmill and planing mill were built on this site, adjacent to the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad. A logging railroad was also constructed from the mill to the timber.

On August 10, 1909 the sawmill, logging railroad and 760 acres of timber land were sold to the Beaver Dam Lumber Company, for $12,750. The Beaver Dam Lumber Company began in 1902 at Richton, Perry County as a partnership composed of W. G. Lancaster and D. W. Slay. The company was incorporated on January 23, 1911 at Earl, Jones County, by W. G. Lancaster, D. M. Eubanks, D. W. Slay and George T. Dennis with authorized capital stock of $100,000. The mill at Monarch (also known as Earl) had a cutting capacity of 40,000 feet per day.

On August 18, 1910, to supplement the meager timber bought from the Monarch Lumber Company, the company bought 2,420 acres of land from J. H. Moores, of Lansing, Michigan, for $60,000. This timber extended westward from the mill for about three miles. On September 15, 1911 the company sold the land obtained from Moores and the Monarch Lumber Company to the Richton Land Development Company, reserving a five year lease on the mill site and right of way over the land. Since the right of way was reserved, the implication is that the company also reserved the timber rights, although not stated as such in the deed.

Lancaster became practically sole owner of the company in December 1914 when he bought the interest of D. W. Slay. In April 1915 the mill closed for an indefinite period, during which W. G. Lancaster went into the stock raising business at Ovett, Miss. About June 1915 the mill burned. On July 28, 1915 Lancaster boought back the land he had sold to the Richton Land Development Company in 1911. The following year, 1916, the mill was rebuilt and operated for several years as the Monarch Lumber Company.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1 No data

Purchased secondhand by Monarch Lumber Co. To Beaver Dam Lumber Co., on 8-10-09.


2    2T Heisler    Heisler 1265      -1912      33      13x12      72000

Purchased new. Sold to DeWeese-Rodgers Lumber Co. #2, Philadelphia, MS; to DeWeese-Gammill Lumber Co. #2, Philadelphia, MS, in 10-1921; to A. DeWeese Lumber Co. #2, Philadelphia, MS, in 2-1923.





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