R. L. Mitchell Lumber Co.

36" gauge, 25, 30 & 35-lb rail


Mill Location: Louisville, MS (Winston County)

Mill Capacity: 75,000 ft/day (3 mills combined)

Years of Operation: 1921-1926

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 2 known

Other Equipment:

See also:

A. C. Schryver Lumber Co.

D. L. Fair Lumber Co.


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History by Gil Hoffman:

In March 1921 the R. L. Mitchell Lumber Company bought the operation of the A. C. Schryver Lumber Company, at Louisville, Winston County. The purchase included a sawmill, planing mill, logging railroad and equipment, about 2,000,000 feet of lumber on the yard, and 4,000 acres of timber, lying about five miles north of Louisville. The R. L. Mitchell Lumber Company was composed of R. L. Mitchell, J. W. Mitchell, J. W. Chancey and L. H. Stubblefield. R. L. Mitchell had been general manager of the Estes Lumber Company, at Estes, Winston County, and L. H. Stubblefield was the former general manager of the A. C. Schryver Lumber Company. 

In February 1926 the D. L. Fair Lumber Company, of Louisville, Winston County, took over active control of the R. L. Mitchell Lumber Company.




















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

20-A Shay        2-7x12  26"                                                                                                                   36" gauge         

 #? Lima     1540              12-1905 Kaufman Stave & Lumber Co. #1, Spot, TN (wood rail); to Louis C. Mathey, Spot, TN; to A. C. Schryver Lumber Co., Louisville, MS, in 3-1921; R. L. Mitchell Lbr. Co., Louisville, MS; For sale 7-1922. (GHH)


22-B  Shay            8x8          26 "                                                                                                                                                       36" gauge            

#1                  Lima                         2064 12-17-1907 Tallahatta Lbr. Co. #4, Chunky, Miss.; to Climax Saw Mill Co., Climax, AL by 11-1918;  to A. C. Schryver Lumber Co., Louisville, MS; to R. L. Mitchell Lumber Co. #1, Louisville, MS, in 3-1921; to  D. L. Fair Lbr. Co. #4, Louisville, MS in 2-1926, For sale 2-1929. (GHH)







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