Little River Lumber Co.

Mill Creek & Little River Railway & Navigation Co.

Standard gauge, 35-lb rail

Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Mill Location: Manistee, LA (Grant Parish)

Mill Capacity: 45,000 ft/day in 1907

Years of Operation: 1905-1912

Miles Operated: 10.5 miles in 1913

Locomotives Owned: 3 in 1907

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman and Tony Howe:    

The Mill Creek & Little River Railway & Navigation Company was controlled by the stockholders of the Little River Lumber Company, which furnished the entire traffic for the railroad. The two companies were one and the same and there was no outside traffic. The country traversed was hilly with very few settlers. The sawmill of the lumber company was at Manistee, LA, on the railroad about 3 miles from the junction with the Iron Mountain. This junction was known as Bryantís Spur. Manistee was purely a mill town with a company store and about 300 inhabitants in 1910. The construction of the railroad was begun in August 1905 by the lumber company, and about 6 miles were built in the first year. The railroad company was incorporated in November 1905 but did not take title to the property until 1908.  

The intention of the lumber company seems to have been to acquire barges or other floating equipment and thus to move lumber on the Little River. This intention was expressed in the corporate title of the railroad company, but nothing came of this.  

The 1906 Official Guide entry lists the railroad as running from Bryant, La. to Manistee to Sulphur Springs, 11 miles.

 In 1910 there were 10 miles of incorporated track, lightly constructed with 35-lb. rail, of which 8 miles was on land owned by the lumber company. The lumber company also had several miles of unincorporated logging spurs, the rails of which were owned by the railroad company. In 1910 the equipment consisted of 2 locomotives and 12 log cars.  

On July 29, 1912, the sawmill was destroyed by fire and not rebuilt. The lumber company went out of business by September 1912.

The Lumber company also had a sawmill and logging railroad at Selma, Louisiana. See HERE



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


Road No.






Dri. Dia.



Previous Ownership











Mt. Penn Gravity R.R. #1, Reading, PA

Little River Lumber Co., Manistee, LA,

by 1910.

Long Pine Lumber Co., Alexandria, LA

Chopin Lumber Co. #3, Chopin, LA

For sale 5/1925.


No Data








Little River Lumber Co., Manistee, LA,

by 1910.








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