Lowery, Carter & Co. (1892-1900)

Lowery Lumber Co. (1900-1911)

36" gauge, wood rail, changed to 25-lb steel rail 1896

Headquarters: Ellisville

Mill Location: Ellisville, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1892-1911

Miles Operated: about 5

Locomotives Owned: 3 known




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History by Gil Hoffman:

Lowery, Carter & Company was a partnership composed of Benjamin L. Lowery, formerly of Coosa Valley, Ala., Robert C. Carter and E. P. Hardwick. In December 1891 construction began on a sawmill at Ellisville, Jones County. The mill site itself was not purchased until February 8, 1892 (from Isaac Anderson, of Ellisville). The completed plant consisted of a single circular sawmill, a planing mill and dry kilns. Only longleaf yellow pine was cut. On Janaury 9, 1894 Carter sold his interest in the company to Lowery and Hardwick for $5,535.42. By 1896 Lowery was the sole owner. Timber for the mill was southeast of Ellisville, extending in patches almost to Ellisville Junction.

The Lowery Lumber Company was incorporated at Ellisville, Jones County, in October 1903 by B. F. Fridge, J. H. Moore, W. S. Glenn and D. K. Collins and leased the sawmill of B. L. Lowery at Ellisville. The sawmill was a Filer & Stowell circular type at that time.

In January 1911 the plant, railroad and logging equipment were offered for sale.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

393   2T Shay   Lima  393      8-1892      26      2-7x12      26000

Purchased new through Southern Equipment Co. Built for wood rail track. Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Sterrett Lumber Co., Sterrett, AL, on 4-28-00; to J. J. Whisnant, Gordon, AL; to Gordon Lumber Co., Gordon, AL, on 6-1-06.

?    4-drivers Baldwin 12x16

Purchased from Erata Mill Co., Erata, MS, on 11-21-96. Original ownership unknown; to Daniel McCoy, Grand Rapids, MI; to Erata Mill Co., Erata, MS, on 7-5-93. For sale 1-1911.

?    2T Shay     Lima 476      11-1894      26      3-8x12      50000

Purchased by Lowery Lumber Co., from Tallapoosa Lumber Co. #2, Sistrunk, AL. For sale 1-1911. Sold to Big Sandy Lumber Co., Hull, AL; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Zickgraf-Jensen Lumber Co. #3, Pioneer, TN, on 5-3-16; to Combs Coal Co., Hawley, WV; to Hawley Coal Co., Bluefield, WV; to Hutchinson Lumber Co., Clute, WV, in 1920; to Logan Planing Mill Co. #2, Logan, WV, about 11-1922. Scrapped 9-1926.






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