Lockwood Lumber Co.

Mississippi Railway

Standard gauge, -lb rail


Mill Location: Pelahatchie, MS (Rankin County)

Mill Capacity: 75,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1907-1912

Miles Operated: 12 miles

Locomotives Owned: 3 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Lockwood Lumber Company was incorporated at Pelahatchie, Rankin County, on October 31, 1907, by G. L. Ross, J. L. Ross and J. E. Thornton, all of Pelahatchie, with authorized capital stock of $100,000. The organization of the company was never reported to the Secretary of State, and as a result the incorporation was invalid. The company thus operated as a partnership, with John and Henry Lockwood, of Ruston, LA, as the major partners. A sawmill with a cutting capacity of 75,000 feet per day was built at Pelahatchie, which included a planing mill and dry kilns. In the summer of 1908 an unincorporated logging railroad, known as the Mississippi Railway, was constructed northward from the mill.

 On April 10, 1912, the holdings of the Lockwood Lumber Company were transferred to the Gammill Lumber Company, a new corporation composed of many of the same people as the old partnership. As part of the deal, the Gammill Lumber Company assumed the debts of the partnership.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

212              2-6-0                    Schenectady                                        50                    17x24                    88000


                                 Purchased from Kilby Locomotive & Machine Works, Anniston, AL, on 8-1-10.

Cost $4,000.

Sold to Smith-Payne Lumber Co. #212, Hiwannee, MS, in 1912; to Brown Lumber Co. #212, Hiwannee, MS, on 3-20-13; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #949, Atlanta, GA,

on 8-10-13; to Emporia Manufacturing Co. #9, Emporia, VA, on 9-27-13.


4                  2-8-0                    Baldwin                  36756                    8-1911                    44                    16x22                    85000


Purchased new. Lettered "Mississippi Railway" Cost $9,150.

Sold to Gammill Lumber Co. #4, Pelahatchie, MS, on 4-10-12, changed to 2-8-2, Baldwin XO-3331, 4-12-12; to Mississippi Soft Pine Co. #4, Canton, MS, by 7-1917; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1355, Atlanta, GA; to Lutcher & Moore Cypress Lumber Co., Lutcher, LA, on 11-11-18.

Baldwin class 10-26 E 336


5                  2T Shay           Lima                    2516                    4-1912                    29                    3-10x10          72000


Purchased new. Lettered "Mississippi Railway"

Sold to Gammill Lumber Co. #5, Pelahatchie, MS, on 4-10-12; to Apollonia Lumber Co. #5, Pelahatchie, MS, on 2-23-21; to Pearl River Valley Lumber Co. #5, Canton, MS, in 2-1929. Scrapped 9-1937.







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