Legan & McClure Lumber Co. (1920-1931)

Lamiss Lumber Co. (1931-1932)

J. M. Griffin (1932-1936)

Standard gauge, 40 & 60-lb rail


Mill Location: Estes, MS (Winston County)

Mill Capacity: 85,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1920-1936

Miles Operated: 18 miles

Locomotives Owned

Other Equipment:

Purchased Clyde Iron Works Rapid Loader #329, shipped to Estes, Miss. 7-20-1920.



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Legan & McClure Lumber Company was incorporated at Louisville, Winston County, on March 13, 1920 by George W. Legan, of Morton; J. M. Legan, of Morton; Jeff Kent, of Forest; R. G. Brown, of Morton; Bessie E. Kent, of Forest, and Mrs. Nola Legan, of Morton, with authorized capital stock of $300,000. On April 1, 1920 the company bought the assets of the Estes Lumber Company, at Estes, Winston County, for $200,000. This purchase included the sawmill, railroad and timber holdings comprising some 15,000 acres of shortleaf pine in Winston County. Another tract of timber was purchased from the Sumter Lumber Company, of Electric Mills, MS. Stockholders of the company were, to a great extent, also stockholders in the Hall & Legan Lumber Company, of Morton, MS, and the South Arkansas Lumber Company, of St. Louis, MO. George W. Legan was president and general manager. The sawmill had a cutting capacity of 85,000 feet per day. 

The company went into receivership and on April 6, 1931 its assets were sold to the Lamiss Lumber Company, a Louisiana corporation. In May 1932 the Lamiss mill was taken over by the J. M. Griffin Lumber Company which had just cut out at Holopaw, Florida. The Griffin operation specialized in pine timbers, special cuttings and rough and dressed finish.

Notes from JR Phillips, 1-9-2000: Legan & McClure Mill at Estes had one camp about half way to the end of the railroad where the rod engines were turned, and another camp where timber was being cut near Nanih Waiya (sp.?) Creek, known as Nanih Waiya camp. Company operated two log trains per day to mill. Locomotive servicing facilities were located on east side of GM&N at Estes, and mill and log pond were on the west side. J.M. Griffin operated mill at Estes, Miss. 1932-1935. Remaining tract of timber sold to D.L. Fair Lbr. Co., who contemplated extending railroad from Louisville, but deemed too expensive. Track left in place from Estes to woods until it was removed in 1936. Timber was eventually trucked to mill at Louisville.




















ROSTER by David S Price, Tony Howe and Gil Hoffman: 

28-2 Shay                              8x10        27 ½                                                                                                                                            Standard gauge                

                    1      Lima                           2571           11-1912 orig-Colon Monroe #42 (or 49, GHH), Brooksville, FL; to E. J. Roux, Brooksville, FL; to Suwannee Pine Co., Trilby, FL;  SI&E #1000; to Estes Lumber Co. #1 at Estes, MS lettered “E. L. Co. #1" on 12/1/15 for $4,200 = $1,100, their 18ton Shay allowed $1,000 in trade, and $2,100 in 14 months at 5%. (SI&E data card in DSP collection);  to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co.#1, Estes, MS, on 4-1-20; to Lamiss Lbr. Co. , Estes, MS, on 4-6-31 (SI&E 1996 list; GHH)


42-2   Shay                            10x12      32½(29½GHH)                                                                                                                                                                      Standard gauge   

                    2      Lima                           2122           12-1908 orig ordered by Geo. M. Dilley & Son (D) for Saner-Whiteman Lbr. Co. #5, Caro, TX;  BR&L #1162; Big Sandy Lbr. Co. #5, Hull, AL on 8-18-1917; BR&L “Rumley”; to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co., Estes, MS on 8- 25-1920; to Lamiss Lbr. Co., Estes, Miss. on 4-6-31 (GHH, BR&L 1996 revised list; Koch Shay book adds “scrapped in 1935") 


42-2                        15x12      36                                                                                                                                                                                           

                    3      Heisler                       1235               -1911 Built as F. V. B. Price & Co. #1, Pinebur, MS; to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co. #3, Estes, Miss., in 8-1920; to Lamiss Lumber Co., Estes, Miss., on 4-6-31.         


0-6-0                      18x24                                      80,000 lbs                                                                                                                                              

                    4      New York                    ???                  ??? Purchased secondhand. Possibly GM&N #8(DAH); Sold to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2000, Atlanta, GA, in 1924. (GHH)


2-8-0                      19x24      50                                                            94000 lbs                                                                                                               

                    6      BLW                          7157             2-1884 orig-New York West Shore & Buffalo #145; to Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg #145, in 8-1887, renumb. #67; SI&E #1478; to Batesville & Southwestern #10, Batesville, MS on 7/14/19 (or 9-24-19 GHH); returned  9/13/24 as SI&E #1990; to Legan & McLure Lbr. Co., Estes, MS on 10/8/24 for $3,200 = $800 cash and six notes; to Lamiss Lbr. Co., Estes, Miss., on 4-6-31. (GHH, SI&E data card in DSP collection, and 1996 SI&E List says engine was 19x24)


2-8-2                      18x24      44                                                            144000 lbs                                                                                                             

                ???      BLW                        52246             8-1919 orig-Sewell Valley RR #6, Rainelle, WVa; to C & O #2900, in 7-1927; to BR&L [1127] & GC&L #670 joint account; to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co. #?, Estes, MS on 3-13-1930, cost $4575;  BR&L #1776; to Winnsboro Granite Co. (Rockton & Rion Ry. #2900), Rockton, SC on 5-9-33  (GHH data card; BR&L 1996 revised list; GC&L 1996 list) Baldwin class 12-30¼ E 47



Note: According to Emery Swetman, retired GM&N engineer, a former GM&N 0-6-0 #8was sold to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co. (DAH, from GM&OHS News, Issue #20? 1979)







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