Ingram-Day Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 35, 40 and 60-lb rail

Headquarters: Lyman, MS

Mill Location: Lyman, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 400,000 ft/day after 1909

Years of Operation: 1906-1924

Miles Operated: 20 miles in 1917

Locomotives Owned: see roster below

See also: Gulf Coast Lumber Co.

Batson & Hatten Lumber Co.



42 log cars in 1906

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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Ingram-Day Lumber Company was incorporated in Wisconsin in January 1906, and purchased the sawmill plant of the Gulf Coast Lumber Company, at Lyman, Harrison County, on April 20, 1906. The original officers were: W. P. Tearse, of Winona, Minnesota, president; W. H. Hatten, of New London, Wisconsin, vice president; G. R. Lindsey, of Lyman, secretary; C. A. Chamberlain, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, treasurer, and A. S. Mitchell, of Lyman, manager (originally from Texarkana, Arkansas).

Originally a mill of 75,000 feet daily cutting capacity was operated. In November 1907 construction began on a triple band mill with a capacity of 400,000 feet per day. This mill was finally completed and placed in operation by 1909. It cut only longleaf yellow pine. The plant included a large planing mill, dry kilns and a commissary. The general superintendent in 1909 was R. D. Cody, a distant relative of Buffalo Bill Cody.

The town of Lyman was nine miles north of Gulfport on the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad and in 1909 had a population of 950 of which 600 were employed by the Ingram-Day Lumber Company. Of this total about 150 worked in the woods.

In 1909 the company was operating 16 miles of standard gauge railroad laid with 45-lb. steel rail. The logging equipment consisted of four locomotives (three Baldwin rod types and one Shay), and 75 log cars. At Lyman the company had a roundhouse and repair shops.

In April 1918, the company bought the sawmill plant of the Yarborough Lumber Company, at Yarbo, Alabama. On May 10, 1924, the mill at Lyman and town property were sold to the Batson & Hatten Lumber Company.

Wreck of Ingram-Day Lumber Co. No. 2, an otherwise unidentified 2-6-0.

Builders photo of Baldwin 4-6-0 No. 9 in 1913.

Wonderful postcard view of No. 9 not long after delivery. 

Ancient 4-4-0 on Ingram-Day Lumber Co. railroad. 

Ingram-Day Lumber Co. mill at Lyman

View of mill from across the log pond.

Another nice view of the Ingram-Day Lumber Co. sawmill from the long timber dock probably before 1910. 

One of many views of Ingram-Day Lumber Co. No. 6, a nice Baldwin 2-6-0 built in 1907.

Another nice shot of No. 6.

Ingram-Day No. 10 was bought used from equipment dealer Southern Iron & Equipment Co. in 1919, where this view was taken.

Ten-wheeler No. 11 was also bought from SI&E, arriving in 1924, just before the company was sold to Batson & Hatten Lumber Co.

View from the commissary looking northwest showing the Gulf & Ship Island depot and Ingram-Day mill in the background. 

This stupendous photo shows Ingram-Day Lumber Co. No. 6 and log train and loader in Hancock County near the Sellers community and illustrates the hilly nature of logging railroads and lack of grading on the company's logging spurs. 





ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

             No data                                                                                                                                                                 

Purchased from Gulf Coast Lumber Co. #?, Lyman, MS, on 4-20-1906.

Dropped by 1909.



Purchased from Gulf Coast Lumber Co. #2, Lyman, MS, on 4-20-1906. Boiler exploded.

Scrapped by 1909.


3?            4-4-0                   Baldwin                  3095                    1-1873                     61                    15x22                      56000

Purchased secondhand. In service by 1909.

Built as Mobile & Ohio #34.

Baldwin class 8-24 C 1


4?            4-6-0                   Baldwin                  3385                    8-1873                     56                    18x22                      79500

                Purchased from W. B. Seymour, Hattiesburg, MS (dealer). In service by 1909.

Built as Central Railroad of New Jersey #288, renumb. #823 in 4-1903; to J. E. Bowen, Norfolk, VA (dealer); to W. B. Seymour, Hattiesburg, MS, in 4-1906.

Baldwin class 10-30 D 24


             2T Shay             Lima                        1849                    2-1907                        29              3-10x10                   65100

Purchased new.

Traded to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL, on 11-24-1923 as partial payment on #12; to Weaver & Rivers Lumber Co. #3, Alden Bridge, LA, on 11-28-1923; to Welori Lumber Co., Inc. #3, Alden Bridge, LA, in 5-1928.


             2-6-0                   Baldwin                  32086                  10-1907                   50                    15x24                      80000

Purchased new. Cost $7,959.

Transferred to operation at Yarbo, AL

Baldwin class 8-24 D 176


             2-6-0                   D. & H.                                                                               54                    18x24                      96400

Purchased from Mississippi Central #104, on 3-21-1911.

Formerly Delaware & Hudson #?; to Mississippi Central #104, by 11-1906.


             4-6-0                   Baldwin                                                                                                      18x24                     

Purchased secondhand.

Sold to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1920, Atlanta, GA, about 1924.

             4-6-0                   Baldwin                  40593                  9-1913                     56                    18x24                      112000

Purchased new. Cost $9,850.

Sold to Batson & Hatten Lumber Co. #9, Lyman, MS, by 3-1924.

Baldwin class 10-30 D 648


10            2-6-0                   Baldwin                  7157                    2-1884                       52               19x24                      90000  

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1375, Atlanta, GA, on 11-7-1919.

Built as Alabama Great Southern #140; to Dayton Coal & Iron Co. #1, Dayton, TN; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1375, Atlanta, GA; to Dawkins Lumber Co., Dawkins, KY, in 8-1919; returned to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1375.

Sold to Holleman-Batson Lumber Co. #10, Lyman, MS, in 1924.

Baldwin class 8-32 D 59


11            4-6-0                   Baldwin                  3382                    8-1873                     55                    18x22                 

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1517, Atlanta, GA, on 1-2-1924.

Built as Pennsylvania R.R. #868; to New York Equipment Co., in 3-1896; to Rockaway Valley #868; to Georgia Northern #7, in 1899; to Georgia Locomotive Co. #26, Atlanta, GA; to Garbutt & Donovan #7, Lyons, GA, 10-1907; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #967, Atlanta, GA; to A. F. Langford #7, Valdosta, GA, on 1-22-1915; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1517, on 1-31-1920; to Helen Lumber Co., Helen, FL, on 4-1-1920; returned to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1517.


12            2-6-0                   Baldwin                  29762                  12-1906                   44                    14x22                      70000

                Purchased from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL, on 11-24-1923.

Built as Texas, Arkansas & Louisiana #3, Atlanta, TX; to Dorsey Land & Lumber Co. #3, Texarkana, AR, by 4-1920; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Webster County Lumber Co., Cumberland, MS, on 2-28-1923; returned to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co.

Sold to Batson & Hatten Lumber Co. #12, Lyman, MS, about 3-1924; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. #533, Atlanta, GA, on 8-29-1924; to J. W. McWilliams Co., Inc. #12, Fort Myers, FL, on 10-10-1924; to Dowling & Camp, Inc. #12, Slater, FL.

                Baldwin class 8-22 D 296






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