Illinois Central Gulf Railroad

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Years of Operation: 1972-1998

Predecessor Roads

Gulf Mobile & Ohio RR

Illinois Central RR

Fernwood Columbia & Gulf RR

Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern RR

Columbus & Greenville RR

Successor Roads

Illinois Central Railroad

Miles Operated: 8,366 miles in 1980

Locomotives Owned: 




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The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad was formed on August 10, 1972 with the merger of the Illinois Central Railroad and the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad. Mississippi shortline railroads Fernwood Columbia & Gulf, Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern and Columbus & Greenville were also included in the merger. 

By the mid-1980's the railroad had abandoned many lines and began selling off other lines to such new operators such as Chicago, Missouri & Western Ry, Chicago Central & Pacific RR, MidSouth Rail Corporation, and Gulf & Mississippi RR.  

In 1988 the railroad's parent company, IC Industries, changed it's name to Whitman Corporation (which later became PepsiCo), and the railroad dropped "Gulf" from the name and once again became Illinois Central Railroad on February 29, 1988. The new IC was purchased by Canadian National Railroad on February 11, 1998. 























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