Howison & Welch (1897-1898)

J. F. Welch Lumber Co. (1898-1899)

Standard gauge, 30-lb rail


Mill Location: Howison, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 75,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1897-1899

Miles Operated: 3 miles in 1898

Locomotives Owned: 2

Also see: Native Lumber Co.





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History by Gil Hoffman:

Howison & Welch was a co-partnership composed of Allen P. Howison and J. F. Welch, formed on April 9, 1897, to carry on a sawmill business in Harrison County. Howison was from Randolph, Alabama and Welch from Plantersville, Alabama. Welch was to be the general manager of the business. The partnership assumed control of 2,831 acres of timber belonging to Howison in the vicinity of the village of Howison and the sawmill of the Howison-Rogers Lumber Company, also at Howison. The Howison-Rogers mill had been built in January 1897. By January 1898 three miles of logging railroad had been constructed.

The J. F. Welch Lumber Company, which took over the assets of Howison & Welch, was incorporated at Howison, Harrison County, on December 21, 1898, by J. F. Welch, Walter F. Welch, Oscar S. Welch, Vesta S. Welch and Sallie H. Duncan with authorized capital stock of $75,000.

On April 4, 1899, L. N. Dantzler, Jr. in return for assuming the debts of the J. F. Welch Lumber Company, obtained possession of its timber and sawmill plant. In a separate transaction Dantzler bought the dry kiln at the sawmill, the logging railroad and the Baldwin locomotive, all belonging the Welch.

On June 10, 1899, for $75,000 L. N. Dantzler, Jr. sold the timber and sawmill plant of the former J. F. Welch Lumber Company to the newly formed Native Lumber Company, a subsidiary of the L. N. Dantzler Lumber Company.

Builder's view of trim-looking 2-6-0 Number2, named "Daisye"
















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

1              No Data                                                                                                                                                                

Purchased secondhand. In service by 1-1898.

Gone by 4-1899.


2              2-6-0                   Baldwin                  16289                  11-1898                   36                    12x18                      42000

Purchased new on 12 month lease. Named “Daisye.” Cost $4,600.

Resold prior to completion of lease to L. N. Dantzler, Jr., on 4-27-1899. Cost $4,500.

Sold to Native Lumber Co. #2, Howison, MS, on 6-10-1899.

Baldwin class 8-18 D 90






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