Holleman & Batson Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 56-lb rail


Mill Location: Lyman, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity

Years of Operation: 1924-1926

Miles Operated: 18 miles in 1924

Locomotives Owned: 2




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History by Gil Hoffman:

In May 1924 J. L. Holleman and associates of Wiggins, Miss., entered into a contract with the Ingram-Day Lumber Company, of Lyman, Harrison County, to build a mill near Riceville, Miss., to cut certain Ingram-Day timber. The Holleman & Batson Lumber Company, formed to operate a mill to cut this timber, was incorporated at Wiggins, Stone County, on July 7, 1924, by J. L. Holleman, of Wiggins; S. C. Culpepper, of Wiggins, and Luther F. Batson, of Carnes, with authorized capital stock of $150,000. Instead of Riceville, the old plant at Carnes of the Red Creek Lumber Company was moved to Lyman and reassembled next door to the old Ingram-Day mill. Holleman was president as well as general manager and Batson was secretary and treasurer.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

1              2T Shay             Lima                        405                      8-1892                     26                 3-9x8                       46000

Acquired from Red Creek Lumber Co. #1, Carnes, MS, in 1924.

Built as Morning Mining Co. #4, Mullan, ID; to Fernwood Lumber Co. #4, Fernwood, MS; to Red Creek Lumber Co. #1, Carnes, MS, in 1916.

For sale 2-1926.


10            2-6-0                   Baldwin                  7187                    2-1884                     52                 19x24                      90000

Purchased from Ingram-Day Lumber Co. #10, Lyman, MS, in 1924.

Built as Alabama Great Southern #140; to Dayton Coal & Iron Co. #1, Dayton, TN; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1375, Atlanta, GA; to Dawkins Lumber Co., Dawkins, KY, in 8-1919; returned to SI&E #1375: to Ingram-Day Lumber Co. #10, on 11-7-1919.

Baldwin class 8-32 D 59






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