Herrin Lumber Co.

? gauge, -lb rail


Mill Location: DeLisle, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 25,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1906-?

Miles Operated: 5?

Locomotives Owned: ?




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History by Tony Howe:

The Herrin Lumber Co. is listed in the American Lumberman Sawmill Equipment Register in 1906 as owning two locomotives, 5 miles of railroad, and a 25,000 ft/day sawmill at DeLisle. A thorough search of the Harrison County courthouse reveals very little about the company. Only a couple of deeds were found and one court case. The company definitely had a sawmill at DeLisle, but only a small amount of timber was found, certainly not enough to support a railroad unless the company had a contract to cut timber owned by others that was not recorded in the deeds. No evidence of a logging railroad was found on early aerial photos in the DeLisle area, either. 

























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