J. J. Haney (1900-1903)

J. J. Haney Co. (1903-1905)

Arnold & Thomson (1905)

Hawkins & Co. (1906-1906)

Lamar Lumber Co. (1907-1910)

Standard gauge, 30 & 35-lb rail


Mill Location: , MS ( County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1900-1910

Miles Operated: 7.5 miles

Locomotives Owned: 2


6 log cars

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History by Gil Hoffman:

Beginning in December 1899, J. J. Haney, of Hattiesburg, began buying timber and land about seven miles north of Purvis, to the east of Black Creek. By the early summer of 1900, a small circular sawmill was in operation at Igo, in the midst of Haney's timber. Later on a dry kiln was added. In June 1902 construction was begun on a logging railroad to log the mill and to ship lumber to a switch connection with the New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad. Haney's Switch was at Milepost 96, about half a mile north of Okahola. To finance the construction of the logging railroad, Haney mortgaged his timber to the Deering Harvester Company, of Chicago, Illinois. 

The J. J. Haney Company was incorporated at Hattiesburg, Perry County, on April 7, 1903, by J. J. Haney, J. S. Haney, S. J. Haney and W. N. Collins with authorized capital stock of $50,000. The newly formed company acquired the sawmill, logging railroad and timber belonging to J. J. Haney on September 17, 1903. 

About September 1903, 49 percent of the capital stock in the company was sold to J. H. Thomson, of Lamar County. On October 5, 1903, the remaining 51 percent was sold to John T. Arnold, of Hattiesburg, in return for $6,500 in cash and assumption by Arnold of the debts of the company. On January 2, 1905, the Deering Harvester timber, formerly belonging to J. J. Haney, was assigned to Arnold & Thomson, a partnership composed of J. T. Arnold and J. H. Thomson. On February 3, 1905, the sawmill at Igo, logging railroad and equipment were also sold to Arnold & Thomson. On April 10, 1905, Arnold sold his interest in the firm to J. H. Thomson for $7,000. 

On February 28, 1906, the sawmill, railroad and timber were sold to Hawkins & Company, a mercantile firm in Hattiesburg that held a mortgage on the property. They in turn deeded the property to the Lamar Lumber Company, on February 2, 1907. 

The Lamar Lumber Company was incorporated at Epley, Lamar County, on August 24, 1906 by V. M. Scanlan, F. W. Williams and G. L. Hawkins with authorized capital stock of $100,000. On October 16, 1906 the company bought 1,840 acres of timber land from Susan Blodgett Lowe, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, for $69,028.12. This timber was several miles northwest of Pine Ridge, Lamar County. Rather than build a mill to cut this timber, on February 2, 1907 the company bought the sawmill, logging railroad and timber holdings (amounting to about 4,500 acres) of Hawkins & Company, at nearby Igo, also in Lamar County. 

On October 26, 1909 the company bought the sawmill and logging railroad of the A. G. Little Lumber Company at Clyde, Lamar County, after which the mill at Igo was abandoned.


For a detailed history of this operation see: Steam Whistles in the Piney Woods Volume 2, by Gilbert H. Hoffman 



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:   



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership




















Eastabuchie Lumber Mfg. Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS

Eastabuchie Lumber Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS, on 6/30/1894.

Eureka Lumber Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS, on 9/28/1901.

J. J. Haney, in  6/1902.


Dropped by 6-1903.

Sold to a lumber company around Nashville, AR.


















Camp & Hinton Co. #127, Lumberton, MS

J. J. Haney #127. On hand by 6-1903.


Arnold & Thomson #127, on 2-3-1905.

J. H. Thomson #127, on 4-10-1905.

Hawkins & Co. #127, on 2-28-1906.

Lamar Lumber Co. #127, on 2-7-1907.

Transferred to Clyde mill in late 1909.






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