Gulledge Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, -lb rail

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Mill Location: Mendenhall, MS (Simpson County)

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1917-1925

Miles Operated: 9 miles

Locomotives Owned: 2 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Gulledge Lumber Company was incorporated in Missouri and operated a sawmill at White, AR, from 1905 until 1916, when that mill cut out. Officers of the company were: R. E. Gulledge, of White, AR, president; A. H. Henderson, of Ruston, LA, vice president, and J. A. Myers, of St. Louis, MO, secretary and treasurer.

 In October 1916 R. E. Gulledge purchased from Eastman, Gardiner & Company a tract of timber lying south of the Strong River near Mendenhall, MS. At Mendenhall he built a band mill with a daily cutting capacity of 40,000 feet, which was placed in operation in March 1917. R. E. Gulledge was general manager of this plant.

 The mill at Mendenhall cut out on April 1, 1925, after which the company moved to a new operation at Haines City, Fla., where it operated a mill with a cutting capacity of 75,000 feet per day. Another mill was operated at Littman, Fla.

 On July 27, 1925 the plant at Mendenhall, and logging railroad, were sold to the W. C. Wood Lumber Company, of Collins, MS.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

100                2-8-0  Baldwin      18101      9-1900  44     16x22      82000


                      Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1092, Atlanta, GA, on 1-5-17. Cost $4,600.

                      Built as Georgetown & Western #9, Lanes, S. C., renumb. #108; to Seaboard Air Line #954, in 1915; to Southern Iron       & Equipment Co. #1092, on 10-30-16.

                      Probably sold to W. C. Wood Lumber Co., Mendenhall, MS, on 7-27-25.

                      Baldwin class 10-26 E 302



2                    2T Heisler Heisler        1389      -1919  36     14x12      80000


                      Purchased new.

                      Sold to W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #2, Mendenhall, MS, on 7-27-25.







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