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To use the following files, just download them to your computer or just click on them and they should open in Google Earth automatically if that program is loaded on your computer. I am constantly adding information and mapping additional railroads. They are very much a work in progress. The hope is that these maps can be expanded to cover the entire United States and others will join in the effort. Feel free to share them with others. 

Tony Howe

Individual Railroad Maps (Class I- alphabetical)

Alabama & Vicksburg 

Ann Arbor 

Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe  updated 8-9-2017

Atlanta & West Point

Atlantic & Danville

Atlantic Coast Line

Baltimore & Ohio updated 8-9-2017

Bangor & Aroostook

Bessemer & Lake Erie

Boston & Maine

Canadian Pacific (only US Lines, incomplete)

Carolina Clinchfield & Ohio

Central RR of New Jersey updated 8-9-2017

Central Vermont

Chesapeake & Ohio

Chicago & Alton

Chicago & Eastern Illinois updated 12-12-2016

Chicago & Northwestern

Chicago Burlington & Quincy updated 8-9-2017

Chicago Great Western

Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville (Monon)

Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific updated 12-12-2016

Delaware & Hudson updated 8-9-2017

Delaware Lackawanna & Western

Denver & Rio Grande Western updated 12-12-2016

Detroit Toledo & Ironton

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range

Duluth South Shore & Atlantic

Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific



Elgin Joliet & Eastern

Florida East Coast

Great Northern

Green Bay & Western

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Western updated 12-12-2016

Gulf & Ship Island

Gulf Mobile & Ohio RR

Illinois Central updated 12-12-2016

Kansas City Southern

Lehigh & Hudson River

Lehigh & New England

Lehigh Valley

Long Island

Louisiana & Arkansas

Louisiana Ry & Navigation

Louisville & Nashville

Maine Central

Minneapolis & St Louis

Minneapolis St. Paul & Saulte St Marie (Soo Line)

Mississippi Central

Missouri-Kansas-Texas (Katy)

Missouri Pacific updated 8-9-2017

Mobile & Ohio updated 12-12-2016

Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis

New Orleans Great Northern

New York Central updated 8-9-2017

New York Chicago & St. Louis (Nickel Plate)

New York New Haven & Hartford

New York Ontario & Western

New York Susquehanna & Western

Norfolk & Western Ry

Norfolk Southern RR (original)

Northern Pacific updated 8-9-2017

Pennsylvania  updated 12-12-2016

Pere Marquette updated 12-12-2016


Savannah & Atlanta

Seaboard Air Line  

Southern Pacific updated 12-12-2016

Southern Ry  

Spokane & Inland Empire

Spokane International

Spokane Portland & Seattle uploaded 8-9-2017

St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) updated 8-9-2017

St. Louis Southwestern Ry (Cotton Belt) updated 8-9-2017

Tennessee Central

Texas & New Orleans

Texas & Northern

Texas & Pacific

Texas Mexican Ry

Toledo & Ohio Central

Toledo Peoria & Western

Toledo St. Louis & Western

Trinity & Brazos Valley

Union Pacific updated 8-9-2017

Utah Ry


Vicksburg Shreveport & Pacific 


Wabash updated 8-9-2017

Western Maryland

Western Pacific

Western Ry of Alabama

Wheeling & Lake Erie

Wichita Falls & Southern

Wisconsin Central 


Class I Railroads

Class I Railroads A-F- updated 9-21-2016

Class I Railroads G-L-updated 9-21-2016

Class I Railroads M-S- updated 9-21-2016

Class I Railroads T-Z- updated 11-12-2016


See above for individual railroads


Shortline Railroads

Shortline Railroads- all states- updated 8-9-2017





Industrial Railroads

Mississippi Logging Railroads- uploaded 3-8-2014

Alabama Logging Railroads- uploaded 3-31-2011

Louisiana Logging Railroads- updated 7-10-2014

Industrial Railroads other than logging- uploaded 5-30-2012

Logging Railroads States A-L- uploaded 8-18-2013

Logging Railroads States M-Z- uploaded 8-18-2013

Streetcar & Interurban Lines

Streetcar & Interurban Lines- all states- uploaded 8-18-13



State Railroad Maps

Alabama- uploaded 11-29-2013 

Arizona- updated 8-9-2017

Arkansas- updated 2-26-2015

Arkansas with logging railroads- uploaded 2-26-2015

California with logging railroads- uploaded 12-12-2016

Colorado- uploaded 12-12-2016

Connecticut- uploaded 12-12-2016

Delaware- uploaded 12-12-2016

Florida- uploaded 8-9-2017

Florida with logging railroads- uploaded 8-9-2017

Georgia- uploaded 8-9-2017

Idaho- uploaded 8-9-2017

Illinois- uploaded 12-12-2016

Iowa- uploaded 8-9-2017

Indiana- uploaded 8-9-2017

Kansas- uploaded 8-9-2017

Kentucky- uploaded 8-9-2017

Louisiana- updated 11-29-2013

Louisiana with logging railroads- updated 9-21-2016

Maine- uploaded 8-9-2017

Maryland- uploaded 8-9-2017

Massachusetts- uploaded 8-9-2017

Michigan- uploaded 12-12-2016

Michigan with logging railroads- uploaded 12-12-2016

Minnesota- uploaded 8-9-2017

Minnesota with logging railroads- uploaded 8-9-2017

Mississippi- updated 3-5-2015

Mississippi with logging railroads- updated 3-5-2015

Missouri- uploaded 8-9-2017

Missouri with logging railroads- uploaded 8-9-2017

Nebraska- uploaded 8-9-2017

Nevada- uploaded 8-9-2017

New Hampshire- uploaded 8-9-2017

New Jersey- uploaded 8-9-2017

New York- uploaded 8-9-2017

North Carolina- uploaded 8-9-2017

North Carolina with logging railroads- uploaded 8-9-2017

North Dakota- uploaded 8-9-2017

Ohio- uploaded 8-9-2017

Oklahoma- uploaded 8-9-2017

Oregon- uploaded 8-9-2017

Oregon with logging railroads- uploaded 8-9-2017

Wisconsin- uploaded 12-12-2016

Wisconsin with logging railroads- uploaded 12-12-2016



County Railroad Maps


Adams County- uploaded 9-10-2013

Alcorn County- uploaded 9-20-2013

Amite County- uploaded 10-1-2013

Attala County- uploaded 10-13-2013

Benton County- uploaded 10-13-2013

Bolivar County- uploaded 10-13-2013

Calhoun County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Chickasaw County- uploaded 11-11-2013

Choctaw County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Claiborne County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Clarke County- uploaded 11-11-2013

Clay County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Coahoma County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Copiah County- uploaded 11-18-2013

Covington County- updated  3-16-2014

Franklin County- uploaded 11-18-2013

George County- updated 3-16-2014

Greene County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Grenada County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Hancock County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Harrison County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Hinds County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Holmes County- uploaded 3-16-2014

Humphreys County- uploaded 3-16-2014
















Mississippi Town Maps

based on ICC valuation maps and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Hazlehurst- uploaded 10-29-2013

Laurel- uploaded 11-29-2013

Ocean Springs- uploaded 10-29-2013

Tylertown- uploaded 10-29-2013

Hattiesburg- uploaded 1-2-2014



Other Town Maps

Chicago. IL- uploaded 12-26-2015

Pittsburgh, PA- uploaded 12-26-2015

Scranton- Wilkes-Barre PA- uploaded 12-26-2015

New Orleans, LA- not complete, uploaded 9-21-2016








































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