Mills & Lambert (1893-1895)

J. H. Mills (1895-1906)

Glade Lumber Co. (1906-1908)

Standard gauge, 25-lb rail

Headquarters: Lexington, KY

Mill Location: Glade, MS (Pearl River County)

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1893-1908

Miles Operated: 3 miles

Locomotives Owned




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History by Gil Hoffman:

In February 1893 J. H. Mills and W. W. Lambert came to Poplarville from Miles, Alabama, and, in partnership, built a sawmill south of Poplarville, on the New Orleans & Northeastern, that cut 15,000 feet per day. In August 1893 the sawmill community was christened "Glade" and a post office established there. 

About 1895 Lambert sold his interest to Mills and built his own mill at Saults, near Lacey. Mills then took his son into the business, which went by the name J. H. Mills & Son. Their sawmill had a cutting capacity of 40,000 feet per day and was in operation by April 1901. Other facilities were a planing mill and dry kilns. The land on which the mill was located and the timber it cut were owned by J. H. Moores, of Ellisville, MS. By June 1903 Moores had become a partner in the business. 

On February 12, 1906, Moores sold the timber rights of the Mills operation to the Headley Lumber Company, of Lexington, Kentucky. In May 1906 Mills and his family moved from Poplarville to Fort Worth, Texas where he and his sons went into the real estate business together.

On February 12, 1906, the Headley Lumber Company, of Lexington, Kentucky, purchased 1,600 acres of timber and an 80 acre mill site at Glade, Pearl River County, from J. H. Moores, of Ellisville, MS. The purchase price was $30,000 with six years allowed to cut the timber. The mill at Glade, belonging to Moores' partner, J. H. Mills, was also purchased at that time. Officers of the Headley Lumber Company were: H. P. Headley, president, and George W. Headley, treasurer. The mill was operated under the name Glade Lumber Company.

 By May 1908 all the timber bought from Moores had been cut, the mill was closed and the equipment put up for sale. The remaining timber in the tract was returned to Moores on June 12, 1908.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:


Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership




















Alton Improvement Co. #2, Alton, IL

Lettered “Middletown R.R.”  Dummy type.

J. H. Mills, Glade, MS, by 1/1905.

Glade Lumber Co., on 2/12/1906.

Baldwin class 4-14 C 85


Aaron B. Day, Tangipahoa Parish, LA

Genesee Lumber Co., Genesee, LA,

on 12/13/1909.

A. S. Hinton & Co., Independence, LA,

on 2/3/ 1910.






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