Eureka Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 35-lb rail


Mill Location: Eastabuchie, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 90,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1901-1912

Miles Operated: 14 miles in 1910

Locomotives Owned: 6 known

See also: Eastabuchie Lumber Co




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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Eureka Lumber Company was incorporated at Lux, Jones County, on August 23, 1901, by A. W. Stevens, of Chatawa; J. H. Stevens, Jr., of Chatawa, John Hough, of Magnolia, and W. R. Brumfield with authorized capital stock of $30,000. The original officers were: W. A. Stevens, president; J. H. Stevens, Jr., vice president, and John Hough, secretary and treasurer. On July 1, 1901 the incorporators purchased the timber holdings of the Rush Lumber Company (amounting to 1,040 acres) near Lux, barely into Jones County. This was followed on September 28, 1901, by purchase of the plant and timber holdings of the Eastabuchie Lumber Company, at Eastabuchie, Jones County, for $81,230.

The Eastabuchie company's sawmill, which had burned several months before the purchase, was replaced by a double band and gang mill which began cutting about May 1902. In 1910 the cutting capacity of this mill was 90,000 feet per day.

In the latter part of October 1912 the Eureka mill cut out. Shortly afterward the railroad and rolling stock were sold to A. Marx & Sons, of New Orleans, and in March 1913 the mill machinery was sold to the Komp Machine Works, of Hattiesburg.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1     0-4-2T     Porter 1185     6-1890     9x14     28000

Purchased from Eastabuchie Lumber Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS, on 9-28-01. Built as Eastabuchie Lumber Manufacturing Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS; to Eastabuchie Lumber Co. #1, Eastabuchie, MS, on 6-30-94. Sold to J. J. Haney, Igo, MS, about 6-1902.


2     0-6-0T     Porter 1585     3-1895      11x16      34000

Purchased from Eastabuchie Lumber Co. #2, Eastabuchie, MS, on 9-28-01. Sold to Batson-McGehee Co., Millard, MS, on 5-22-02.


3      2-6-2      Rogers      44      16x22      80000

Purchased from Smith & Kilby Co., Anniston, AL (dealer), on 6-19-02. Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, LA (dealer), in late 1912.


4?     Rod     Baldwin      80000

Purchased secondhand. Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, LA (dealer), in late 1912.


5     2T Heisler     Heisler 1182     -1910     36     15x12     100000

Purchased new. Sold to Major-Sowers Saw Mill Co. #5, Epley, MS, transferred to Tallahala, MS, in 1922; to Leakesville Veneer & Lumber Co. #5, Leakesville, MS, about 1929. Scrapped 1949.


7     2T Shay     Lima 2039     4-1908      28      3-8x12      64000

Purchased from W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #7, Collins, MS. Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, LA (dealer), in late 1912; to Gammill Lumber Co. #7, Pelahatchie, MS; to Sherrill Hardwood Lumber Co. #7, Merryville, LA; to Kirby Lumber Co. #97, Merryville, LA, in 1-1926. Scrapped about 3-1929.





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