Eubanks Lumber Co. (1901)

Star Lumber Co. (1901-1903)

Anderson Lumber Co. (1903-1906)

Koons Lumber Co. (1906-1910)

Standard gauge, -lb rail

Headquarters: Eubanks, MS

Mill Location: Eubanks, MS (George County)

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1901-1910

Miles Operated: 2 miles in 1903

Locomotives Owned: 1



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Eubanks Lumber Company was a co-partnership composed of R. H. Wilson and J. W. Stone. By January 1901, they had built a sawmill and logging railroad at Eubanks, on the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad. Eubanks was 2.5 miles east of Bexley, MS. On January 17, 1901, in order to run their sawmill business, the Eubanks Lumber Company borrowed $40,000 from George S. Leatherbury, Jr. and W. B. Paterson, of Mobile, AL, and put up their sawmill plant and 3,080 acres of timber as collateral. On March 12, 1901, the partners transferred their assets to Leatherbury and Paterson in return for eliminating this debt.

To operate the Eubanks mill property, the Star Lumber Company was incorporated at Eubanks, Greene County, on June 14, 1901, by George S. Leatherbury, Jr., W. F. Green, W. B. Paterson and Charles R. Hall with authorized capital stock of $100,000. The sawmill had a cutting capacity of 40,000 feet per day. 

The company went into involuntary bankruptcy in April 1903, and was sold to J. H. Moores, on October 10, 1903 for $24,000, who on the same day transferred the Eubanks mill and a portion of the timber to the Anderson Lumber Company.

On October 10, 1903, the Anderson Lumber Company, owned by A. D. Anderson, of Ellisville, Jones County, purchased the sawmill plant, logging railroad and a portion of the timber of the bankrupt Star Lumber Company, at Eubanks, Greene County, from J. H. Moores, also of Ellisville. Moores had bought the plant that same day from H. E. Stevens, Trustee in Bankruptcy, for $23,000 plus $1,000 in attorneys and closing fees. The plant was on the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad and included a planing mill and dry kiln. 

On March 15, 1906, the sawmill plant, logging railroad and rolling stock were sold to F. M. Koons, of Athens, Ohio, for $5,000, and operated as the Koons Lumber Company.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership






















Eubanks Lumber Co. DeForest, Eubanks, MS, by 1/1901.

Star Lumber Co. DeForest,, Eubanks, MS, on 7/10/1901.

J. H. Moores, Eubanks, MS,

on 10/10/1903.

Anderson Lumber Co., on 10/10/1903.


(tentative) Koons Lumber Co.,

on 3/15/1906.


















Manhattan Ry. #

Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co.

Anderson Lumber Co., on 4/20/1904.


Koons Lumber Co., on 3/15/1906.






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