Estes Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 25 & 30-lb rail


Mill Location: Estes, MS (Winston County)

Mill Capacity: 40,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1915-1920

Miles Operated: 8 miles in 1920

Locomotives Owned: 2 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Estes Lumber Company was a partnership composed of Robert Lee Mitchell, Floyd Herrington and W. S. Pettis, all of Ellisville, MS. The company purchased the sawmill, logging railroad and timber holdings of W. W. Estes, at Estes, Winston County, on February 24, 1915. The sawmill was of the circular type with a cutting capacity of about 35,000 feet per day and produced shortleaf and rosemary pine lumber and timbers. Estes was on the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad, four miles south of Louisville. R. L. Mitchell was manager of operations and Floyd Herrington was in charge of sales. 

On April 1, 1920 the entire holdings were sold to the Legan & McClure Lumber Company for $200,000.




















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

17-2 Shay              7x12        26                                                                                                                                                   Standard gauge            

           (a)      Lima                           1998             7-1907 Built as Bellgrade Lumber Co. #999, Bellgrade, MS; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive #1051, Birmingham, Ala.; to Estes Lbr. Co., Estes, Miss., on 3-10-15; Traded to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1034, Atlanta, GA, on 12-1-16 as part payment on #1; to Baxter Lbr. Co. #1, Wildsville, La., on 4-5-16, renumb. #9.(GHH)

28-2 Shay              8x10        27                                                                                                                                                Standard gauge            

              1      Lima                           2571           11-1912 orig-Colon Monroe #42 (or 49, GHH), Brooksville, FL; to E. J. Roux, Brooksville, FL; to Suwannee Pine Co., Trilby, FL;  SI&E #1000; to Estes Lumber Co. #1 at Estes, MS lettered E. L. Co. #1" on 12/1/15 for $4,200 = $1,100, their 18ton Shay allowed $1,000 in trade, and $2,100 in 14 months at 5%. (SI&E data card in DSP collection);  to Legan & McClure Lbr. Co.#1, Estes, MS, on 4-1-20; to Lamiss Lbr. Co. , Estes, MS, on 4-6-31 (SI&E 1996 list; GHH)





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