Elton Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 60 and 75-lb rail

Headquarters: Braxton, MS

Mill Location: Belpine, MS (Rankin County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1923-1936

Miles Operated: 20 miles

Locomotives Owned: 4 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Elton Lumber Company was organized at Ellisville, Jones County, in early 1923 as a partnership composed of Floyd Herrington, C. T. Smith, Mrs. Ada C. Pettis, Charles R. Pettis, William S. Pettis, Jr., Ernest W. Pettis and Mrs. Marguerite M. Pettis Patterson. On February 8, 1923, the company bought _______ acres of rosemary pine timber from the W. C. Wood Lumber Company located in central Rankin County, about 15 miles northeast of Belpine. The price was $35,000. On October 18, 1923 for $5,000 the company bought the logging railroad and logging camp at Belpine, Rankin County of the W. C. Wood Lumber Company. A band and gang mill was built at Belpine on land leased from the Piney Woods Country Life School, on the site of the W. C. Wood logging camp. Floyd Herrington was general manager and J. P. Russell was secretary. The operation cut out in 1936.




















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

1                  3T Shay         Lima                        2156                    3-1909                     36                    3-12x15                   158000

                                   Purchased from W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #1, Belpine, MS, in 10-1923.

Built as Pine Belt Lumber Co. #3, Fort Towson, OK; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #1, Belpine, MS, on 4-30-21.

Scrapped by Elton Lumber Co., in 1936.


1st 2            2T Shay         Lima                        2437                    3-1911                     36                    3-12x12                   120000


Purchased from W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #2, Belpine, MS, in 10-1923.

Built as Stony Brook Lumber Co. #1, Lopez, PA; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1091, Atlanta, GA; to W. C. Wood Lumber Co. #2, Collins, MS, on 11-20-16, transferred to Belpine, MS

Sold to General Equipment Co., New Orleans, LA, in 8-1924; to Batson & Hatten Lumber Co. #11, Lyman, MS, in 10-1924.


2nd 2          3T Shay         Lima                        2447                    5-1911                     36                    3-12x15                   140000


Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2070, Atlanta, GA, in 1-1927.

Built as Laurel River Logging Co. #3, Runion, NC; to Broad River Lumber Co. #3, Runion, NC; to Mill Creek Valley R.R. #3, Runion, NC; to French Broad R.R. #3, Runion, NC, on

5-16-19 (leased); to Griffith Lumber Co. #3, Runion, NC, in 7-1924; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2070.


12?              2T Shay         Lima                        837                      11-1903                   28                    3-10x10                   66000


Purchased from Kola Lumber Co., Kola, MS, in 2-1924.

Built as Tremont Lumber Co. #12, Tremont, LA (Tremont & Gulf R.R.); to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1056, Atlanta, GA.; to Brown Lumber Co. #12, Hiwannee, MS, on 4-5-12; to Kola Lumber Co., Kola, MS.

For sale 6-1926.

Traded to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #2136, Atlanta, GA, in 1-1927 as part payment on 2nd #2 and subsequently scrapped by them.





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