G. B. Merrill & Brother (1905-1915)

John E. DuBois (1915-1920)

DuBois Lumber Co. (1920-1931)

Standard gauge, 45, 56 & 60-lb rail


Mill Location: Muskegon (Lake), MS (Scott County)

Mill Capacity: 60,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1905-1931

Miles Operated: 12 miles in 1910

Locomotives Owned: 6 known

Other Equipment:

20 log cars, 1 American loader 1910


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History by Gil Hoffman:

On December 27, 1904 G. B. Merrill & Brother purchased the property of the Muskegon Lumber Company, at Lake, Scott County. Two brothers making up the firm were George B. and Phil S. Merrill, formerly of Tanner, Pennsylvania. In addition to the mill at Lake, MS, the company owned the Pennamich Lumber Company, at Tickfaw, Louisiana. On December 7, 1912 G. B. Merrill was killed by an Illinois Central train at Tickfaw. The surviving brother brought a $50,000 lawsuit against the railroad which was unsuccessful. The Tickfaw mill was later sold.

 After a fire on August 11, 1913 completely destroyed the mill at Lake, a new 8-foot double band mill was built and placed in operation in May 1914. One side of the mill cut 60,000 feet of pine daily, while the other cut 40,000 feet of hardwoods. Timber holdings were mostly shortleaf pine interspersed with hardwoods. Sometime in 1913, prior to the fire, the sales office was moved to Lake from Jackson, MS Officials of the company at that time were: P. S. Merrill, owner and manager; J. E. Welch, general superintendent, and E. W. McLaughlin, sales manager.

 On April 7, 1915 the Merrill property was advertised for sale by John E. DuBois, of DuBois, Pennsylvania, who had seized the mill under a landlord's lien for $59,312. Phil Merrill had been leasing the property from DuBois. The sale was stopped by a federal injunction on behalf of A. J. Lyon & Company, B. J. Gallagher and N. A. Hurst, who had filed a petition to have the Merrill company placed in involuntary bankruptcy to satisfy a claim of $3,000. At the time of these difficulties, Phil Merrill was in Pennsylvania on a visit. The bankruptcy case was scheduled for the July 1915 term of the Federal Court in Vicksburg. After DuBois took over the mill, Phil Merrill continued as manager for a short time.

 By May 1915 the mill was under completely new management with E. B. Nettleton, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a long-time employee of DuBois, in charge of operations. In the meantime Phil Merrill had sold his home in Jackson and moved back to Pennsylvania. For a time DuBois considered selling the Lake mill, but soon gave up the idea. In October 1915 the mill, now operating under the name "John E. DuBois," was being improved. New equipment was installed in the planing mill to increase its capacity to 50,000 feet daily. Two new branches of the logging railroad were also being built.

 The business was incorporated in December 1919 and effective January 1, 1920 became the "DuBois Lumber Company." John E. DuBois retained principal ownership and was president of the corporation. E. B. Nettleton was vice president, J. F. Welch was secretary and F. C. Harrison was treasurer.

 About 1930 the mill and some of the railroad equipment were sold to W. M. Smith & Company, of Birmingham, Alabama, a dealer in used sawmill machinery. On November 1, 1931 Smith & Company began scrapping the DuBois mill and selling off the remains.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

2                        2T Heisler Stearns                  1083                -1903         40                                  16x14          100000

                          Transferred from G. B. Merrill & Co. #2, Dents Run, PA, in 1905.

                          To John E. DuBois #2, in 1915.

                          To Dubois Lumber Co. #2, on 1-1-20.

                          Sold to Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. #510, Atlanta, GA. Cut up in Atlanta, GA, 5-1924.



11                      2-4-2T        Baldwin               13827            11-1893         42                                  14x18               68000

                          Transferred from G. B. Merrill & Co. #11, Dents Run, PA, by 9-1907.

                          Built as New York & Brooklyn Bridge #11; to Rockaway Valley #11, Whitehouse, NJ, in 1897; to G. B. Merrill & Co.                           #11, Dents Run, PA, in 1900.

                          To John E. DuBois #11, in 1915.

                          To DuBois Lumber Co. #11, on 1-1-20.

                          Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Ledbetter Gravel Co., Ledbetter, TX,

                          on 3-25-22.

                          Baldwin class 8-22 C 22



(a)                     2T Heisler Heisler                   1357              4-1917         36                                  15x12               94000

                          Ordered as Wheeler Lumber Co. #1, Wheeler, OR (owned by John E. DuBois), but diverted to DuBois operation at Lake,                           MS

                          To DuBois Lumber Co., on 1-1-20.

                          Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL; to Chicago Mill & Lumber Co. #4, Somerset, LA, on 7-10-29, later at Tallulah, LA.



(b)                     2T Heisler Heisler                   1192               -1910          40                                  16x12             104000

                          Purchased from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1238, Birmingham, Ala., on 7-8-19.

                          Built as Hackley-Phelps-Bonnell Co. #3, Hackley, Wisc.; to Henry P. Bourke Co., Marquette, Mich. (dealer); to                                Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1238.



                      2T Heisler Heisler                   1210               -1910          40                                  16x14          120000

                          Purchased from Edward Hines Yellow Pine Trustees #1210, Gulfport, MS, about 1922.

                          Built as Stearns & Culver Lumber Co. #5, Bagdad, FL (Florida & Alabama R.R.); to Bagdad Land & Lumber Co. #5,                           Bagdad, FL, in 1912; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1324, Atlanta, GA; to Edward Hines Yellow Pine Trustees                           #1210, Gulfport, MS, on 6-24-18.

                          Sold to W. M. Smith & Co., Birmingham, Ala. (dealer), in 1930; to W. B. Harbeson Lumber Co. #7,

                          De Funiak Springs, FL.


(d)                     Rod            Porter                                                                                                                              50000

                          Purchased used.

                          For sale 7-1916.








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