Prentice Lumber Co. (1899-1900)

Derby Lumber Co. (1900-1902)

Derby & Southeastern Railroad

60" gauge, pole road

Headquarters: Derby, MS

Mill Location: Derby, MS (Pearl River County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1899-1906

Miles Operated: ?

Locomotives Owned




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History by Gil Hoffman:

Prentice & Herren was a partnership composed of Edwin I. Prentice and W. E. Herren. Their sawmill was a single circular type of Simonds make with a 3-saw Wheland gang. There was no planing mill or dry kilns. The mill site consisted of 33 acres of land east of the right-of-way of the New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad at Derby, Pearl River County, and was bought from D. B. Jarrell and wife in November 1899. The mill was operated by the Prentice Lumber Company, composed of E. I. Prentice and his sons, Lewis E. and Ralph Earl. On October 8, 1900, because of accumulated debts, the Prentices transferred their interest in the business to W. E. Herren. That same day Herren signed a contract with M. J. Brown in which Brown was to operate the mill and from the proceeds, pay off the debts. Brown operated under the name “Derby Lumber Company.” On June 24, 1901, Herren deeded the Prentice & Herren property to the Derby Lumber Company, at which time C. H. Hyde became a partner. 

On July 8, 1902, the mill passed into the hands of the Hyde & Rowan Lumber Company and on February 11, 1904, to the Bilbo Lumber Company. These latter two companies apparently did not use a logging railroad. The mill site finally passed back to D. B. Jarrell in March 1906.

Rare view of Prentice's pole road about 1900. Notice the rails are simply pine logs laid 60" apart.



Another rare photo of the Prentice pole road Climax.













ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership






Class A














New by E. I. Prentice for use by Prentice Lumber Co. Cost $2,478.

Lettered “Derby & Southeastern.”


Derby Lumber Co., on 10/8/1900.






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