John P. Davis, Sr.

36" gauge, wood rail


Mill Location: Daviston, MS (Pearl River County)

Mill Capacity: 50,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1886-1893

Miles Operated: ?

Locomotives Owned




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History by Gil Hoffman:

In April 1886, from the Otto Plock Land Company, John P. Davis, Sr. bought 2,880 acres of longleaf yellow pine timber located southeast of Lumberton. He then built and operated two longleaf yellow pine mills on the NO&NE. Mill No. 1 was at Redtop, 2.7 miles south of Lumberton and Mill No. 2 was at Daviston, 1.2 miles south of Lumberton. These mills had a combined output of between 30,000 and 50,000 feet per day. A planing mill and general store were also operated. In November 1890 Davis began operating the Camp & Hinton commissary under contract. He also had his own store in Lumberton and served as justice of the peace in the town. He quit operating his mills at Daviston in 1891 and in October 1892 moved to Palestine, Texas, where he went into the tombstone business. 

Mill No. 1 was sold to Robert B. Haney in November 1892, and moved to a point about two miles north of Poplarville on Beaverdam Creek. Mill No. 2 was leased to Camp & Hinton on August 25, 1891 and operated by them while they were rebuilding their burned mill, then returned to Davis on July 1, 1892. Davis then sold mill No. 2 on January 5, 1893, to D. H. McInnis, of Hattiesburg, who moved it to Whittle, on the New Orleans & Northeastern, three miles north of Hattiesburg.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:






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