Christie & Eastern Railway

Standard Gauge 60-lb rail

Headquarters: Shreveport, LA

Years of Operation: 1917-1934

Predecessor Roads: none

Successor Roads: none

Miles Operated: Sandel, LA to Peason, LA, 10.595 miles; Peason to Red River Junction, 5 miles

Locomotives Owned: 


6/30/1919: Locomotives: 1. Cars: 2 passenger motor, 1 flat, 1 caboose.




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HISTORY by Gil Hoffman:


The Christie & Eastern Railway was incorporated in Louisiana on February 1, 1917. The line from Sandel to Peason, 10.595 miles,  was constructed for the company by the Peavy-Wilson Lumber Company during the period February to August 1917. It connected with the Kansas City Southern Ry, at Sandel, LA. The line traversed was rolling country covered with yellow pine timber. The principal business of the railroad was hauling forest products. The large sawmill of the Peavy-Wilson Lumber Company was located at Peason, LA and furnished most of the carrier’s business.

 There were 14 pile and timber trestles on the line. The main line was not ballasted, instead being full earth surfaced. 

On April 11, 1934, the Christie & Eastern Railway applied to the ICC for permission to abandon its railroad, extending from Peason in an easterly direction to Red River & Gulf Junction, about 5 miles, all in Sabine Parish, LA. This line was constructed by the Peavy-Wilson Lumber Company in 1921 and 1922, for logging purposes. The Christie & Eastern acquired trackage rights over this line, which expired on February 1, 1934, and were not renewed because all the timber in the surrounding area had been cut. As a result, the Peavy-Wilson mill had been closed leaving the Christie & Eastern with no source of revenue. Permission for abandonment was granted by the ICC on June 25, 1934.



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ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership




















Colorado Midland #39-44 series.

Possibilities are #39, #40, or #44.

Christie & Eastern #107, in 1917.


In service 6/30/1919.






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