Cedar Lake Mill Co.

36" gauge

Headquarters: Moss Point

Mill Location: Cedar Lake, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 125,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1919-1927

Miles Operated: 22

Locomotives Owned: 4?

Also see: L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co.

Handsboro Lumber Co.





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History by Tony Howe:

In 1919, the L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co. built a new mill at Cedar Lake, the terminus of the Handsboro Lbr. railroad. The railroad and equipment was transferred to the Cedar Lake Mill Co. at this time. The finished lumber was shipped out by barge or schooners. The mill finally cut out in August 1927.



















ROSTER by Tony Howe:


5?             2-6-0                   Baldwin                  4836                    10-1879                   36                    12x16                      39000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #557, Atlanta, GA, on 8-11-1908. Cost $2,800.

Built as Hobart & Manistee River “Chas. J. Canfield,” Hobart, MI, later became #2; to Chittenden, Herrick & Co., Cadillac, MI; to J. E. Loxley, Loxley, AL, by 12-1892; to Hubbard Brothers, Mobile, AL; to Hiwannee Lumber Co., Hiwannee, MS, on 8-11-1904; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #557.

Baldwin class 8-18 D 45

6          no info, on hand by July 1922

7         no info, purchased 2-28-1923 for $3508.04

Note: L. N. Dantzler reportedly bought 4 locomotives after purchasing the Lienhard property in 1906 for use at Cedar Lake. Only one locomotive has been identified.





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