R. C. Carter

42" gauge, wood rail, changed to steel rail by 11-1897


Mill Location: Orange, MS (Jasper County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1895-ca. 1904

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 2 known

Other Equipment:



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History by Gil Hoffman:



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

1                  2T Shay           Lima                    496                    10-1895            22                    2-6x10                    20000


                    Purchased new. Built for wood rail.

Sold to Usher Lumber & Manufacturing Co., Meridian, MS.


2                  2T Shay           Lima                    543                    11-1897            26                    2-7x12                    28000


Purchased new. Named "Ben Holmes."

Sold to Erata Lumber Co., Erata, MS, on 1-1-04; to R. C. Carter, Erata, MS, on 10-25-05; to Southern Lumber & Timber Co., Hillsdale, MS.






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